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  1. Dear Sir, Sorry , Date of Birth :17th Nov 1970 Time of Birth :12:15pm Place of Birth : Bangalore Thanks Seema
  2. Namaskar, Date of Birth :17th Nov ,1970 Gender :Female Place of Birth :Bangalore Please help me , I am suffering a lot in my life , I was a jobless from a year , lot of family tension and a Divorce 15 yrs back and soon I will be heading for a financial crisis .what is my future .. is there one for me ? In month on Nov 2008 , I was introduced to German guy by my friend , he claims that he wants to settle with me .Please do let me know if it is possible ( he is married and wants to apply for divorce from his wife , and he likes India a lot and also our culture ) pls help
  3. Can you please tell me the correct gemstone I should use for getting good results .Each astrologer is suggesting different stone for me please help. Date of Birth :17th Nov 1970 Time of Birth :12:15pm Place of Birth :Bangalore Gender :female Please help me Regards Seema
  4. Dear Webyogiji,Thanks for your reply once again .As suggested by you ,I have started the remedies ,I am wearing a Zircon ( I am not able to afford Diamond now )I had attended a interview a month back , I got a call from them telling me that I have been selected for the job , my last drawn salary a year back was Rs.40,000/- , but today they have offered me Rs.15,000 and also not in a software field .Please do let me know if I can accept this job , I am badly in need of finance for my parents treatement .Will get back to software field again .Date of Birth : 17th Nov 1970Gender :femaleTime of birth :12:15pm Place of Birth :BangaloreRegards Seema
  5. Dear Guruji, Thanks for the reply .I am suffering a lot in my life , I was married 16 yrs back at a very young age , it lasted for 3 months since he was a drug addict .Later I had to complete my studies and I got into a good job .I stay in a joint family with my parents and brothers .last 10 yrs my parents are suffering from various health issues , and their responsiblity is on me , their health is quite bad from last 3 1/2 years , I had got lot of chances to go abroad , I was not able to take any decision thinking about my parents .Now I am jobless and it is becoming very difficult for their treatement for me .I am losing my interest in worldly life day by day .I am thinking of joining some ashram and live rest of my life there after my parents .Please do let me know about my chart and what does it say to you .Please guruji this is a request . Date of Birth :17th Nov 1970 Time :12:15pm Place of birth :Bangalore Regards Seema
  6. Date of Birth : 17th Nov 1970 Place :Bangalore Time :12:15pm Gender : Female I am software professional and lost my job a year back .Badly trying for one and frustrated .Please help me ...I am wearing Gomedha ,Cats eye ,ruby and white sapphire .some one told me wear white coral and Zircon .I am heading towards financial problem Nothing seems to be happening in my life Regards Seema
  7. Dear Guruji, Please help me. Date of birth : 17th Nov 1970 Time of Birth : 12:15pm Place of Birth : Bangalore I had a good job in a software company , but I lost the job one year back and struggling for one now , nothing seems to be working for me ,I have broken marriage behind me and now this .. I am very much frustrated in life .I am wearing a special snake ring ( made of gomed and cats eye ) for Kalasarpa dosha , ruby , blue sapphire and White sapphire .( I have no idea , where to post my message , but I am a member here ) Please help me . Regards Seema
  8. Dear Guruji, Date of birth :17th Nov 1970 Time of Birth : 12:15pm bangalore Place of Birth : Bangalore Gender : Female Iam having a miserable life since past 20 yrs .I have 2 broken marriage behind me .I was holding a good position in a software company , lost my job a year back .. and struggling for one very badly .My current sitution is making my family members torture me a lot .Do I have a hope in life ... my life is very miserable .I am wearing a blue sapphire , white sapphire , gomed , cats eye and a ruby .Please help me . Regards Seema
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