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  1. webyogi ji plz respond....is there major issues in my chart you do not wish to tell me???
  2. can some one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz respond plzzzzzzzzz
  3. Everything fails..... Ppl who see my chart say have lots of yoga's and gud time...when they saw mine and my hubbies chart suggested very good married life. MY DOB:18-8-81 time:7.05 pm Longitude :75.52 East Latitude :14.31 North Place:harihar karnataka His details: DOB:22-7-1977 time:9.10 pm Longitude :78.16 East Latitude :12 : 32 North Place: Krishnagiri, tamil nadu Dunno what went wrong, its in court now. Can some u plz suggest wots wrong and wot are the remedies...Any thing to do wid venus...any corrective measure i can take.. life is verrrrry miserable, though i have a gud job...no peace Plzzz help Thanks a lot in advance
  4. oh So sorry....... Harihar,Karnataka.....thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Need to know will i ever go abroad? if so when? MY DOB:18-8-81 time:7.08 pm Longitude :75.52 East Latitude :14.31 North thanks in advance Renuka
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