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  1. Hello Gourshyam Ji I do not want to start a debate, but I have to tell some points which I have noticed in your writings. You have said that when we merge with God there cannot be any worship or devotional service. A Human Being is capable of serving himself. Isn't he? When he eats food he is serving himself, when he meditates he is serving himself, when he baths he is serving himself. So Self Service is totally possible hence I feel that the above statement of yours is not valid. You have talked about 14 Lokas, God abodes etc. But have you seen any of the Lokas yourself? Hence, unless you see the Lokas themselves you cannot prove the existence of the Lokas. The 14 lokas according to vedas represent the positions in a human body. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita "There was no time when you and I were not present, nor there will be any time in future." Here Krishna says that He and I are always present. Jivas are nothing but pure samskaras and gunas which are not permanent. Krishna clearly explains that one is Soul, which is neither mind nor ego nor body or anything else. He says that soul or self is stable, it cannot be touched by fire, it cannot be touched by water etc. Here Krishna explain about the self being different from Jiva. Nayanam Chindanti Shastrani..... You are very confident of that your path being the only one, the best or the complete path. But Krishna explains that all paths reach him, and gives an explaination that "As rivers flow into ocean, all souls reach me". So isn't it union with God? Krishna himself says that Moksha can be attained by Raja Yoga , Jnana yoga, Karma Yoga, and Bhakti "Yoga". My friend, it is "Bhakti Yoga". Or the Union in God through Bhakti. It is good to have strong faith, but please never ridicule others faith.
  2. Hello everyone, sort of new here... From India. When I won't get sleep I just read a book until the boredom of the book puts me to sleep. But that is not a good idea, I should do something what Sonic Yogi has done. Meditation is a good idea. cheers
  3. What you have given is very good. It really makes one stop leaving everything to fate and start acting to achieve something.
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