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  1. Dear Webyogi Ji, Can you please let me know if red coral can be worn with pearl and yellow sapphire. Name : Amitabh Mukherjee Place of Birth : Bangalore ( Karnataka ) Time of birth : 02.20 AM Date of birth : August 14th, 1980 I have been facing problems with my health, career and marital life. Amitabh Mukherjee
  2. Dear Sir, My name is amitabh Mukherjee.I was born in Banagalore on 14.08.1980 and time of birth is 2.20 am. Occupation is BPo industry( insurance), i have an elder sister ( Married). I am married. Wife DOb is 04.01.1984 and tob is 10.30 am. I have been facing problems after marriage and getting children has become an issue. Can you suggest a remedy. i have been wearing emerald, yellow sapphire and gomedh and of late pearl, but I have not got a remedy.
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