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  1. what is a good website to read the Vedas and the Sirmand Bhagavatam?
  2. im still going to drink coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it tastes good and i like it! ok!
  3. and this thing that bhaghvan might come as a guest in my house....i dont think he would come as a coniving old lady! who says bad things about everyone and every thing. and respect is a two way street...if you dont respect me...there is no chance that i will respect u.
  4. if anyone says anything bad about my family, then sorry to say, someone is in for some BIG trouble! and if someone does start . ......oh helll, itz ON! i will not stand for it at all. and after saying terrible things, they still think that they have rights to enter my house, then, bhaghvan needs to give them some bhoodhi. because upon entering my house, i will push them out. for instance, i have this one aunt (my mom's brother's wife) that lady has a tenedency to get into other people's business. now if that lady ever ever comes in my house again i just may beat her with a stick. not only has she insulted my family on many occasions, but, she had an influencing role on my older sister just packing her stuff and leaving home. as an aunt, she should give advice saying, "you may want to finish school and keep a good relationship with your mother and father" all she ever does is talk .. why would i let a person like that in my house? im not small anymore where i dont not understand. i am older now and whether my parents like it or not, she will never come inside the house again therefore, haridham, when i do get married and someone talks . bout my husband.......there is not teling what i would do and i would never ever le t that person in my house. my question to you is why did you let them in!!!!?????and even after they came into the house....i would leave. i would say, i dont want to be in this houose while these people are! and storm out! i have a flare for drama
  5. i wish i knew about this years ago...... i always wondered how my dad could do all that math in his head. i thought that he was just a genius, but this explains alot. so now all i need to do is just pactice these laws over and over again. i am soooo impressed....
  6. remember that bhagavan is always with you.... good luck with whatever you choose to do i hope it makes you happy /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  7. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  8. please include me too. i have not studied Sanskrit before, but just last week my dad emailed me something that said that Sanskrit is a good language for programming. i have read the verses of the gita when i read it , but it is so hard for me to properly pronounce the words. anyways, please if you have more information on this topic, let me know
  9. when i was is high school, if i even talked about my religion with the people there, they would probably end up bashing me and my religion. i hated it when people made fun of me.....
  10. you already know what you like, so study that...if you are truely good at what you do, that again you will make alot of money....passion in what you do is a key factor in whether you suceed or not..that is a very important thing to remember!!!! there is alot of money to be made in Designing, Animations and Photography etc.dont think that the arts arent rewarding, they are. photography is a big field. Make a portfolio of you photos. the possibilties are endless. be positive. it is your duty to go to school. but, it is you decision what you study. my dad told me, that i pushed you to be an engineer, you can do your masters in anything. but i like engineering so im going to do my masters in EE too.
  11. i worked very hard to get my degree. really hard. i have an older sister and when she went to college, she went for one semester. when the school year was over, she left home. she is 6 years older than me. so after that, i kind of felt that when i was in school i have to do this more for my mom and dad so they can be proud of me. it took me five years to finish school. i first started out has a chemistry major then two years later i changed to eletrical engineering. then one sesmster, i took off to help my parents with our business. then i went back and finished a year and a half later. in that time, there were so many things that i wanted to do but because i was in school i could not do. after i graduated, i could not find a job so, for the last two years, i have been working for my parents in their business. it is really boring here. the business is not where we live it is out of state, so we have to drive 6 hours to get here. still, i cannot do those things i want to do. i am always here 24hours a day 7days a week. stuckin the same place everyday.(motel business) so, dear maya s, i understand your fustration and i have felt the way you do many many many times, i think the important thing for you is to find something you enjoy doing. i know that your parents may tell you that you have to study this field or that field. that is the only way you can make it through. to be comepletely honest, the reason i changed majors is because my dad kept on telling me that you should become an engineer. so finally i gave in. i dont know if i would have been happier just sticking to chemistry or engineering is right for me. but i know that i am content with my choices. i enjoy learning, so any major could possibly make me happy. just stick to it, in the end, the result is worth it! i know right now you think that you are better off without dealing with the nonsense of schooling, but, education is important.
  12. dear haridham, thank you for your good wishes. i appreiciate it. yes, school is very important. i am a firm believer in that. i know it is propbably hard for you to go to school with your problems, but remember that school will make your future better. if there is any kind of help you may need specially in math or science, just let me know...i know that stuff fairly well. anyways, best regards and have a nice day
  13. i specialized in telecommunications, but what i really want to do is make robots......i know it may sound geeky...yeha that is what im going to start doing. im going to buy one of those kits and then move my way up. in my school they do not have any classes that teach anything about robots so, i have to do alot of research. and, next spring im going to start my masters in EE or might get a BS degree in programming. i want to get a strong background in programming so when i make my robot, i can then program the microprocessor. but still, im in the beginning stages. but im excited. guest, have you found a job yet? i always ask everyone if they have found a job yet...
  14. knowing that indians are the richest immigrant group in the states, you would think they would choose their words a bit more carefully. who are they to say that hinduism is this and hinduism is that? what right do they have? what can we do to stop this ????
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