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  1. There has undoubtedly been a long period of religious insanity in India. Ironicallyt, it has not resulted from a lack of worshipping God. Rather it is a direct result of our failure to recognize that both historical religions - Islam and Christianity - does not deserve to exist in India. Not only that, these viruses had slipped into the mainstream of Indian society and fraudulently claimed to represent God even as they killed and maimed Hindus for centuries. Consequently, we are now in a position that the Chief priest Caiphas found himself when Jesus sought to deceive the Jewish nation that he was their rightful messiah. One need only recall that the Jewish people almost lost their place and nation at the time. Now you may be wondering how all this has created religious insanity among Hindus? There are many answers. Religious insanity begins with our failure to recognize that we must not tolerate any lies and deception that is propagated by any religion be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc. For instance, we know fully well that Christianity teaches cannibalism. After all, Christians do no hide the fact that they eat Jesus' flesh and drink his blood (symbolically or not) in what they call the Eucharist. Indeed, if one were to follows the periods of the Crusades, Christians actually ate the flesh of Muslim women and Children. How then can we as Hindus have tolerated the spread of this diabolical religion in India. As for Muslims, they have waged a permanent war on the Hindus for our so-called practice of idolatry. Yet the child molesting Arab prophet (Mohammed) not only worshipped the black stone in the Kaaba but also licked it to his hearts content. How then have we failed to remind Muslims of these fact? It it insanity of cowardice on our part that we choose to be silent? What Christianity and Islam has done to Indians in particular and other nations in general rises to a point that is beyond unrighteousness. I need remind no Hindu that Krishna exhorted them to go into the battlefield and fight in the defense of righteousness. Truly, one might charactize Krishna's instruction as crucial to the cause of speeding up his or her spiritual development. After all, if Christians and Muslims are willing to fight over oil and religious superiority then should not Hindus set the spiritual standard by fighting for noble religious principles. For this reason, Hindus should recognize that what is happening in India nowadays is tantamount to the injustice that Arjuna and his family suffered. Nay, what is happening now may actually be deemed far worse. The truth of the matter is that billions of US and petro-dollars are being used to divide India and prevent Hindus from having a stake in their own welfare. Should Hindus remain mere spectators and hide behind our tolerance or should we actively remove these threats from their otherwise cultured and decent society? To remain silent is to encourage the terrorist bombings as well as the difilement of our religion. Such a thing necessarily, means that we have chosen the insane path of handing over our country to the Christians and Muslims. By actively choosing to confront the Christians and Muslims we Hindus would have begun to heed the words of Lord Krishna. Clearly, the fighting in Orissa as unfortunate as it may seem is only the beginning of such a battle. More battles are needed until all the Muslims and Christians are driven out of India. We ought not to shrink from such a task. After all, what could have been worse that brothers fighting brothers and cousins, who loved each other, fighting cousins. Yet, Lord Krishna encouraged such a battle in the interest of Dharma. Although, it is unfortunate we Hindus must embrace the fact that we would have to fight many such battles against Christians and Muslims. Clearly, we have to remedy our insane acts of the past which allowed fraudulent religions to set up their nefarious roots on our holy land. Still, this is no time for regrets or worring about what the Pope and his Western cronies may say. Other than being liars and deceivers who are these Westerners really. Did they not kill and steal from other lands to accumulate their wealth. We Hindus should be proud that we neither delighted in the possessions of other nations nor coveted their lands. So hold steady my Hindu brothers and take the battle to the Muslims and Christians until they see the wisdom of leaving India for good. They have Pakistan. Let them try their luck there. Swami Thayalan You may contack Swami Thayalan at: criticbooks@
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