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  1. om shanti, Mind is basically a faculty of the soul along with sanskar and intellect. Brain is like the RAM in your computer but the current is the soul. All the visuals... are stored in the soul it is not nirlep. Search Ian stevenson to know more. Hope this helps.
  2. Good Software Positive thoughts are like good software that helps us to perform to the best of our abilities.
  3. Remind Yourself If you know a little of yourself, you will have realised that you are more than meets your eyes in the mirror in the morning. What you see is not what you are. You see the form not the content, the body not the soul, the matter not the mind. In quiet and profound moments, we innately know that is true. But we forget. The world tells us and wants us to believe that we are what we see - and we take the easy way out. We believe. That's why the awakening of spirit and the flowering of our spirituality (nothing to do with religion) means we have to keep reminding ourselves, a hundred times a day, I am a soul - not a body, I am an eternal spirit - not a perishable piece of meat. I am quality, not quantity. I am. Otherwise, freedom is not possible. And if we are not free, in the deepest space inside our own being, we cannot be truly happy.
  4. Appreciation Even if I don't mean to be critical, I often unconsciously home in on others' weaknesses and mistakes, The more I develop the habit of noticing goodness and only holding onto the good in others and situations, the more my own sense of well-being will rise. When I continually think: "He/she is wrong", I create a barrier that prevents me from reaching my own goodness.
  5. Lasting Fragrance Tread lightly upon this earth, seeing, understanding but never imposing. Thoughtful, independent, be gracious in victory and defeat. Free of possessiveness, so ease of mind sweetens relationships. Like the scent of a rose the untroubled spirit imparts a lasting fragrance
  6. Om shanti,(I am a peaceful soul) Well said paarsurrey It's unfortunate people dont' understand it's not wealth,relations ,pleasures they carry forward after death. It's actually not what you posses(related to the body)but rather what's inside that you carry forward i.eit's called sanskar.The values of a person which you should accumalate.
  7. Heart's Attitude It is not the body's posture but the heart's attitude that counts when we meditate.
  8. The Weak,the Brave and The Strong Anger is weakness, tolerance is bravery. Humility makes you strong.
  9. Revenge Forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge.
  10. Om shanti, Hello jsavage, I am as new to kundalini yoga as you to hinduism:) From what wikipedia says( When Kundalini Shakti is conceived as a goddess, then, when it rises to the head, it unites itself with the Supreme Being (Lord Shiva). The aspirant becomes engrossed in deep meditation and infinte bliss.) I have been practising Rajayoga and the results have been very positive. Its an open-eyed form of meditation when proficient at it you will be able to maintain,a meditative state throughout the day. It harnesses the energy of the mind. For more info visit http://www.bkwsu.org/whereweare/center This mediattion is thought by brahma kumaris free of cost. It is present in over 100 countries and 8500 centres worldwide. A basic knowledge course is provided before we can meditate bcoz we should have an understanding of both the self and supreme.
  11. True Journey Journey into the stillness of your inner being. Here, in the shade of your true self you will find true comfort and true support.
  12. It isn't addition of possessions, but subtraction of desires which promotes happiness.
  13. Choose Feelings If your days seem filled with unwanted negative feelings, there is only one cure. When they come, choose them. Don't ask why, don't wonder how, don't fight them and never put yourself down for having them. But most of all never blame someone else for how you feel. If you do, it means you are still fast asleep and your choice is to be a victim. When the feelings come, even big disturbing emotional feelings say, "I choose this feeling" and know it comes because of something you have thought or done in the past, perhaps a certain belief that you have learned or an attachment that is threatened. Choice does not mean you want the feelings, but it does mean you are taking responsibility for them. And that is the beginning of self mastery. It is the first step to the healing and resolving of your emotions. But only the first step. Try this today and then ask yourself what the next step might be. If you are really interested to know, you will come to know!
  14. Mirror A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.
  15. Humility Real humility is rare because to have it you have to want nothing, yet when you have it you get everything.
  16. Which gate is he talking about wat destruction(present kaliyug) The narrow gate is that of heaven (SWARG) it's not 123837348282 light years from earth:P It will be reestablished on earth . Only people who have the values (sanskars )of the golden age .(heaven)
  17. Om shanti, I don't understand what is the relevance of where jesus died all that matter's is what he said MATHEW chap 7 13 enter ye in straught gate;for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadth to destruction;and many there be which go in it. 14 because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadth unto life and few there be find it.
  18. Think Eternity Life experiences are like sentences – we are always looking for the full stop, the conclusion. It’s OK to end a train of thought, but not thought itself. Thoughts are like the magic carpet, on which the soul rides across eternity - in reality, there are no endings, no conclusions. Rest for the spirit (which is what we are) is when we allow only the current of the purest thoughts to flow through our mind - thoughts which carry good wishes and blessings for ourselves and others. This is not so much going with the flow, as being in the flow, and refreshed by the flow. For when we have powerful, positive thoughts for and about others, who experiences them first? relax7.com
  19. No Tears If you miss an opportunity, do not cloud your eyes with tears. Keep your vision clear so that you will not miss the next one.
  20. <TABLE id=main cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=454><TBODY><TR><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Manners A person of wisdom and spirituality has very beautiful manners that have grown from genuine respect and love for the whole of humanity. Manners in this sense have nothing to do with culture or education: it is simply a question of humility. When we are at the receiving end of such manners, we feel that some deeper part of us has been honoured. In fact, none of us deserves anything less</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  21. om shanti, Theist You can have these daily quotes via mail at http://www.thoughtfortoday.org.uk/ Regards.
  22. Thoughts are like seeds When you sow a thought you reap an action, when you sow an action you reap a habit, when you sow a habit you reap a character and when you sow a character you reap a destiny. Thoughts are like seeds. You cannot sow the seed of one plant and get another: thistles will never produce daffodils! When your thoughts are positive, powerful and constructive, your life will reflect this.
  23. Glasses of Seeing Only Specialities Nowadays it is a fashion and also a compulsion to wear glasses. So wear the glasses of seeing only specialities. Nothing else should be visible. For instance, when you wear red glasses, even something green will appear to be red. So when coming into connection with everyone, adopt the vision of seeing only their specialities and you will become special.
  24. Learn Meditation Why has meditation been the core practice of all wisdom paths for over two thousand years? Because it is the most effective method to access your innate wisdom, rediscover inner peace and enhance your creative ability. Meditation restores well being, and once your being is well again, all that you do will be successful and fulfilling. But maybe you think you are OK as you are. Perhaps you feel your being is well. But is it. Do you feel tense, worried, hopeless, mentally tired, emotionally upset...ever? Then your being is not well. Your body may be OK but you, the being, is unwell. Medication is for the body, and meditation is for the soul, that's you, and for your mind. Learning how to meditate is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Practising meditation says you care about yourself. Being in meditation can touch the minds and hearts of others a thousand miles away. It actually says that you care about others too. But first...your self. relax7.com
  25. Create Vision Never believe anyone who says we cannot change. Vision is one of the secrets of personal transformation. We are all artists, our mind is the arena of creation and vision is what we are constantly creating. What is your vision of yourself today - patient, relaxed, positive or tense, tight and negative? What do you prefer? So be creative - what does patience look like, feel like, what are you doing that is different when you are patient and you are expressing your power to ..wait? Always start with vision not action. See it and you will be it. Be it and you will do it. This is how we create our own life.
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