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  1. Dear Bhaskaranji, I had earlier posted my birth details seeking predictions about my future.So far I haven't received any response.May I please request you to have a look at my horoscope and make a few predictions about me? My birth details are as follows: Birth 28th January 1967 Birth time: 7.10-7.15 PM ( not sure about time. it is between 7.10 to 7.15 PM) Place: Sagar, Madhya Pradesh Thanks, Prt.Snh
  2. Thank you for the response Sir.
  3. hi TIME OF BIRTH: 7.10 - 7.15 PM(not sure) DATE OF BIRTH: 28th January 1967 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY. Sagar, MadhyaPradesh, India SEX Female Your current status : Housewife Educational background: Masters Work Industry and current salary: Not working Major events: - topped university in masters 1991 -married 8 June 1993 -had a daughter 26 April1994 -moved to Thailand May1995 -moved to United States January 1997 Family background Father : Retired lecturer Mother : retired teacher. Brothers : one younger brother. Computer engineer, married with a son Spouse details: Date of birth 14th March 1967 Profession:Software engineer I would like to know about my health in future. :
  4. Hi, I need an accurate reading of my horoscope which I haven't been able to get so far.Can someone help me by giving me predictions in general about my future? I will also be particularly interested in knowing about how will I be doing healthwise in future.My birth details are as follows: Date of birth: 28 January 1967 Time: In between 7:10 -7:15 PM. Not sure about the exact time Place of birth: Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
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