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  1. Dear Sir / Madam I am a man aged 54 years working in a bank. I sweat a lot in summer and also even in slight humidity conditions. Though sweating is good for health my case is too extreme . Sweating leads to body odour which is quite embarrassing. Even slight exertion ends up in lot of sweating. Because of sweating I seldom resort to physical exercise. I bathe twice a day to get rid of body odour. Please help me to get rid of the above problem. Thanks.
  2. Sir / Madam My elder brother , who is 58 years old, has been suffering from Chikun Gunya disease for the last 2 months. Will someone please suggest an Ayurvedic Medicine for the same ? I will be grateful to you forever. Thank you
  3. A name sounds the same whatever the language; there is no need to translate it. Just get it written in DEVANAGARI script the way you pronounce it.
  4. Until it offends any one, any joke is a good joke. It also depends upon the mindset of the listener.
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