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  1. Hi, I am Sakthi.This is my third post in the forum regarding my troublesome marriage life.I am in US right now.me and my husband have been seperated for nearly 1 year and we have been married for 1 year.I have got lots of guidance from our learned astrologers regarding this issue .My sincere thanks to all of them.My father-in-law is trying hard to get divorce.since I am not ready to give divorce,they started giving me mental tortures by speaking horrible words and false blamings in the recent days through phone.They play some mind game and push me in depression and ultimately wanted me to give divorce.Being lonely i am suffering a lot.So i wanted to travel back to India to my parents and wanted to fight against my inlaws and my husband to save my marriage life by being in India.But everywhere i am facing troubles. I am not getting immediate release in my project.They told me to wait for some days to find a suitable replacement.But i cannot wait.i feel very restless.I am not able to concentrate in my career too. i feel like sitting on fire.Why my mind is highly fluctuating and always depressed nowadays though i pray like how our astrologers guided?why my problems getting worsen after i do believe in god and started praying him?this makes me to loose confidence again.when will I go back to India and when will i overcome all these troubles completely?My father met a spiritual guy somedays before.He said 99% of our reunion is not possible and my husband is a sadist and he likes to make others cry..he will born as dog in the next jenma something he told.after hearing to these,my parents are quite upset.but i am the only one who still believe some miracle will happen and my husband will understand my love and will come back to me.For me he is not very bad and only his family members are very cruel.but these mental depressions blows out me completely. My details: DOB:March 9,1982 Time:5.50 PM lagnam:Simmam moon sign:Simmam natchatharam: pooram place of Birth Dharmapuri/ Tamilnadu/ India please someone help me in predicting when will i go back to India and will i win if i file case in family court against my inlaws abt the tortures they gave (and giving)and get back my husband?i want to live with my husband..
  2. please answer my as question regarding kids.Noone has answered for this question.whatever the truth please let me know.i have already undergone many sufferings.there is nothing new for me to digest.please i request you all.
  3. can anybody let me know will i have kids through my husband as per our chart?I think i have puthra dosha in my chart..can i experience motherhood?My heart is aching for this wonderful experience.But when reunion itself seems difficult i dont know will I have this experience in my life time?Is there any possibility in my chart or in my husband's chart for kids?thanks..please answer...
  4. Dear rohini_nakshatra, thanks for your reply.sometimes i feel God has saved me by separating me from my husband during my jenma sani.otherwise i would have faced lots and lots of troubles and tortures from my FIL and my dearmost puppet husband.But God has shown this husband to me.what lessons he wants to preach me? being pathiviratha wont work in kaliyug and you need to learn to go for how many marriages you want.. is this the lesson he is trying to preach?i am sorry to be bit harsh..i dont criticize the people who is going for second marriage.But my lord Murugan knows about me well(actually i fell for my husband for his name too.His name is Murugan) then why he has played this game with me?i did some paabams in previous jenma..i would have made a girl to cry like anything..but i dont remember even a single incident now..why he wants me to suffer for the previous jenma paabams?people who are cunning(my FIL and SIL) lives happily with all the bhaakiyams(having kids,grand children) etc and destroying other people's life..how God has let them to live and give sufferings to persons who are true to him..Yes my inlaws are trying for second marriage for my husband.i think he is also looking for that..He has thrown me out like a curry leaf though i am superior to him in all aspects(career wise,status wise).He often tortured me by saying i am arrogant.He will show his beloved sister as an example how a girl should live.when i called my SIL to beg for our reunion,that cultured humble Indian girl scolded me in all bad words which i cannot reveal here and humiliated my father also without any respect.i was shocked but asked her to handover the phone to my hubby(my hubby's office number,mobile number everything got disconnected) she arrogantly refused and disconnected the line.she is afraid that my husband's money wont be coming to her if we both reconcile.He treats that lady as an idol.i dont know why God has decided to learn a lesson from this kind of bad family?amidst all of them,my husband is not very bad according to me..he often helped me,took care of me..but will be furious if i complain about his family's torture..i am somewhat escaped but my husband's elder brother's wife has been suffering for nearly 6 years and still she is crying..my only concern is my husband should understand his family's cunningness(actually my FIL says things to him in one way and to the outside world in another way.My husband is not able to understand that his father is ruining his reputation.he thinks i am the one who is doing all..) and will accept me..i dont know whether i will win in this gurukshetra war beween dharma and evil..i dont know who will tie bell to these cats?(my FIL and SIL)..i am looking for our reunion once the bad period gets over..Thanks again for your reply..
  5. dear Aysuh, Thanks for your reply.I am a software engineer working in a reputed MNC company in good position.currently I am in US(came for office assignment)Though I am blessed with good career life and understanding and lovely parents ,i still feel void because of my ruined marriage life.i didnt live even for a month after i got married.Sorry Ayush i cannot take up your words.I am very conservative.i cannot give up my husband.I loved him truly and he too loved me after our engagement(ours is an arranged marriage)But the very bad thing is he will throw anybody out for his family.when my father-in -law tried to exploit me and my father i didnt give room.He got furious (he had a dream of getting all my assets and salary and giving to his daughter) because of his dream shattered,he made us to separate.my hubby obeys my FIL like a slave.lots of incidents happened which i could not explain here..even i feel bad about my adamant nature and childish behaviour of getting back my husband..i got lots of advice from all our esteemed astrologers saying me to wait patiently and telling me to get rid of him..but i am under frustration and dont know what i am doing..i want to punish myself for my amature behaviours..i dont know when i will get stable mind and able to digest the truth?i started praying my Lord Murugan again but still my mind fluctuates..My husband is not very bad according to me..he is also in pathetic situation.i am looking for our reunion and leading a happy married life otherwise no idea to get married to another guy.once again thanks for your reply for this unknown girl.I really appreciate your concern.
  6. will i have kids through my husband?please let me know..
  7. please help me out.Can i wear yellow sapphire as per my horoscope?wont it have any negative effect?
  8. place of Birth is dharmapuri/ Tamilnadu/ India ..i dont know how that big grin smiley came into the picture.maybe god laughs at my destiny??
  9. Dear Pablo, I am Sakthi.I got married last year June 25,2007 and got sperated within a month from my husband.I am undergoing Saturn Sadhe Saath (second phase-jenam sani).i have already posted my query in the forum and got reply from Sasisekaranji,lionel sun(my sincere thanks to him ) and couple of other good athmas.I have no thought to go for second marriage.As Sasisekaranji sir told i am going to wait till this difficult period get over to get back my husband.But sometimes i feel very empty hearted and feel like having no meaning in life though my anger and frustration has got reduced a lot nowadays and developing faith in god again.Do I have any kids through my husband when he comes back?nobody has answered me this question.It means that i dont have any luck to experience motherhood?I love my husband sincerely.i dont bother whether he is good or bad..afterall whats wrong in giving 100% love to a man who i am told as my husband. If he doesnt come back,i will sail in the spiritual path and dont have any idea to seek another companion or tie my life with another man.Actually my horoscope is giving troubles rather than my husband's one.I am having the conflicts.But i am the one who is willing to reconcile and not my hubby..somewhere some logical mismatching.do i have family life(life with my husband) or spiritual life?(else i dont want any family life.. no other companion) I want to know do i need to wear any gemstone to keep my mind in control or to strengthen any planets in my horoscope?your suggestion is highly expected. My details: DOB:March 9,1982 Time:5.50 PM lagnam:Simmam moon sign:Simmam natchatharam: pooram place of Birth:Dharmapuri/ Tamilnadu/ India My husband's details: DOB:April 19,1979 raasi:magaram natchatharam: uthiraadam 3rd quarter(currently running Rahu mahadasa and Bhudh antardasa) Time:not aware place of Birth:Dharmapuri/ Tamilnadu/ India I dont know about his birth time.I have attached his raasi chart and navamsa chaart which i got at the time of our marriage.According to Sasisekaranji,he must be born around 23 hrs 56 minutes on the day. Thanks, Sakthi My husband's horoscope.doc
  10. thanks a lot for your continuous support Sasiji.I am good for nothing.Even in my fifth place i have kethu which is supposed to be for child's birth.if someone has analysed my chart well before our marriage i would not have gone for marriage at all.I wonder why i got married.God has punished me well.Ignored by the beloved ones must be the cruel punishment in the world.I am the one who is still crying and claiming that he is my husband.He has already thrown me out and looking for a fresh and new life.whenver i get some hope soon it will be devastated.if i put manjal in my mangalasuthra,air will blow out the lamp.when i talk about our reunion,power gets disconnected.Everywhere i am surrounded by negative signs.i think God doesnt want me to have marriage life.i am giving values to our culture.i will never go for another marriage in my life as i told earlier.i have nothing to loose anymore.i am void now.you tried to bring some hope in me.Thanks a lot for that.I wont disturb you anymore.
  11. please let me know whether he is having any extra marital relationship or will come back to me.i dont see even a single positive sign from my inlaws.They keep on saying the same thing "go and marry another guy".i am scared now .i know you cannot spend much time in same case again and again.But i am in terrible confusion now.please clarify it.
  12. can Sasiji/anyone clarify me that whether my husband is having any extra marital relationship or multiple affairs?An astrologer told me this by looking into his horoscope.Actually i am quite confused now than ever.As far as i know,he is not such kind of guy.please it would be great if you answer my question.I will be much grateful.Sorry for the troubles.
  13. Everything looks crooked because of my confusion.I take things in a negative way because of my worst situation now.I am terribly sorry.Instead of spending time in worrying about negative effects,it would be really better praying to god.only He can mend things.Thanks a lot for your analysis Sasisekaran bhaya and thanks for your real concern about mending a marriage life.Never forget your help.Long live a happy life!!!
  14. Sorry to bother you Sasi bhaya.But i am not able to sleep.This is night in US.i am scared like anything now.Please give me details elaborately
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