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  1. daas na daas -you have got it badly wrong. Who has been excommunicated by whom?Yagnapurushdas was forced to leave Vartal for his personal safety.How can you call these Gunatit, Brahmaswarup Saints Vimukh?Maharaj will not be pleased if you insult his nearest devotee-Gunatit saints.
  2. Bhagwan Swaminarayan sent thousands into samadhi ,where they saw 24 avtaras all standing before Him(Swaminarayan) holding hands in prayer.Those 24 avtaras then merged into Lord Swaminarayan's form.No other avtara has shown this.This alone confirms that Swaminayan is Avtari ie the Supreme Godhead and cause of all other incarnmations (avtaras).If the Vachanamrut is studied there are many instances where Maharaj hints that the is the supreme Puroshottam-the Supreme God.Accept this now or after billions of births but you cannot get away from this immutable truth.
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