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  1. Hi I posted a thread on Real Conversation with GOD in Ayurveda, Health and Wellbeing. It is about declined civilization and ailing health of most humans. Varna-asashrama Dharma has a bad rap anywhere. It is more closer to a perfect economy. It is based on simple fact that a good person will invent for free due to satisfaction and life-long learning from career. Installing costs, fees, taxes, taxation, and recursive looping basic necessities is causing insecurity, fear, and unsafe nations. If life has a farm its own house and takes care of it. And if public utilities are for the people and by the people. I own the river, stars, moon, and sunshine too. Then the past two are free. I am stakeholder not an exclusive bill payer. 4 Needs = Safety, Shelter, freedom to live and communication. This is not exacerbated by what people think is called Capitalism and Democracy. And then this subject is equal to my previous four ? Thank-you
  2. Good day Due to ailing health on Planet Earth...And continuing decline of civilization, I asked what people on Earth refer to as personal higher power or the vocabulary word God. I told her/his that humans here need assistance immediately before deceit is increased. Reply was that false religion caused this. I replied it's your responsibility when you awake to solve living being's problems. Reply was I cannot and I am not as powerful or intelligent as defined. I replied you are most overrated in that. Reply was it is correct but I am underrated as a person. I replied you are absolutely correct. Second part of our conversation: Their point: I or we cannot do anything to solve Earth's problems. My reply: There is no 'I' but there is a We. Their point: We agree. My point: Is your energy being tortured or disrespected ? Their point: Yes and I am ashamed of malevolent actions. My reply: Try telling them you are free from this. Their: I never declare or said ever to anyone. My conversation closer: Ok, we need to work together to solve our problems and there cannot be any weakness. If one person or being suffers you do later. And due to irrevocable cause and effect you are flawed. Them: You or they cannot hurt us and we are invincible or close to it. But you are strong for understanding freedom and liberty. Me: I am pleased you know what will happen. Them: We apologize for not doing more but we are weak to Yoga Maya.
  3. I believe, SATAN = Stop Absolutely Trying Absolutely Never. I assume numerical probabality and satanism deal with advanced action theory. Don't know much anything about that.
  4. Satan, a evil person who uses evil/pain on innocent souls. nonprobable means they should have no numerical probablility of executing their actions. how i don't know. --sc
  5. IMHO, bad due to nonprobable Satanic manifestations.
  6. I apologize if I offended your sensibilities. I believe Shiva is the personification of the Evil Force. Something alluded to in Star Wars playfully as the Dark Force. Anyone who uses this force sinfully is subject to punishment.
  7. No demi-god/god who wears cobras all around his body is great. Perhaps supreme in another way.
  8. Vatsalya-rasa is way different from what is in the Bible. This is a bhakti-yoga parenting sentiment with a whole bunch of bhakti-rasas with it. Like I am father/mother to son. When I read the Bible, it has a more service-mood toward God. Also an awe and wonder emotional mental state toward God is in the Bible. Just because the word Father is used in the Bible. . .
  9. Jnana-yoga has gotten a bad rap in certain popular GV groups due to Advaita Vedanta, modern science, and propaganda. Jnana-yoga without bhakti is not ignorance! Perhaps, at the lower rungs it is. It is just a less wholistic viewpoint. This topic seems to infer is true knowledge possible without God realization.
  10. Because jnana-yoga is described in BG DOES NOT MEAN IT REQUIRES some BHAKTI (devotional service to God). Jnana-yoga does not require bhakti. Although, jnana-yoga may be mixed with bhakti. And in that case it still does not require bhakti. This seems to be a class-member logical fallacy. This is a very incorrect comprehension you have. BTW, I have read BG i'd say a total of about 6 times, and i just read it last month highlighting many verses.
  11. Abs. no scholars who ever read the torah in aramaic or new testament in greek say or write jesus was a vaisnava. none. even a jnana-yogi acknowledges a god (father) exists and much more. This knowledge does not make her/him a vaisnava.
  12. Protect oneself from maya instead of using higher excuses. Yes, unless he wants to test us.
  13. I feel very confused at times too. I and we cannot even completely define the following: Truths. Emotions. Feelings. Dream Paradox. Existence Paradox. Beliefs. Thoughts. Soul Paradox. Non-existence Paradox? Supreme Reality Paradox? All ignorance and illusion. It is as if someone, God(?), put everyone into some type of dream. Called Maya.
  14. The secret is to just chant and liberate oneself. That is real accomplishment in life. HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE. HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Sadashiva too too.
  15. Tears of joy if Brahman returns. . . . All manifestations (Maha-Vizva-Rupa) after Sankarshan originate from him. Maha-Vishnu, Ananta-Sesha, Timingila, and Vasuki. Even a tiny of his positive/negative glories is unimaginable without his energies.
  16. Is it possible to be in past-present-future at once. Then it would be possible to get abs. max love + sum of all inf. qualities to the abs. max at present. Who would be so lucky to get such a destiny? OR something abs. less. .
  17. Yes, i believe i know the answer to your first sentence. but i lost you after that. How does failure come naturally? etc...
  18. http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/spiritual-discussions/444369-no-goal-maya.html Interesting theory in that webpage. How do people fail 1/abs. max. num. prob. in the abs. smallest amt. of time forever? just abs. impossible. makes no sense. . peace out. . --supercow
  19. Awesome. Who is the man on the left? Why is he there?
  20. IMHO, Rama is a Krishna-avatar like Caitanya and Vyasadeva. Many avatars (Buddha, Nrisimhadev, etc...) that appear on Earth are Vishnu-avatar. There are mixed avatars too. Scripture would be an authority on this so that we may know who is exactly who.
  21. Look like good bred dogs bra. I like both.
  22. ho ho ho bra, it's x-mas time. post the pics of dem pointers. very interested happy bra here.
  23. "how I can works me abs.?" easy way is yogasana. lay on your bed. breathe in. hold breath. raise both legs to a little less than 45 deg. hold pos. for 6 secs. bring both legs down. release breath now. take belly fat few % out in a few days. need more ptrs.?
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