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  1. Dear Amy, A very late reply but just to share: Q1:Rudraksha s really work. As highlighted, it depends on your faith. It will bring along a lot of benefits and if it i senergised, it will be a powerful tool to posses. As you know, Rudrakshas can only bring good and never anything negative. As a Rudraksha user & suppler, I can testify it works! Q2:1 mukhi sold by Rudraksha Ratna is genuine. They only sell genuine beads and all beads coem with Certifictaes of Authenticity. Only problem is 1 mukhi from Indonesi ais very small. A better option (and cheaper) is 1 mukhi found largley in india which is bigger and cheaper (1/2 moon) Q3:Not abl eto comment Q4: You are guaranteed genuine product sfrom Rudraksha Ratna. I cannot comment on teh others. Being based in KL, Malaysia and a user for almost 1.5 years and adealer, must be careful as tehre are many fackes going around. Warm Regards Julian Arulappu KL, Malaysia
  2. Dear Mr. Pankaja Desa, Thank you for your e-mail. My apologies if my e-mail made you upset. I have ordered extra stock which should arrive next week. So when you place your order, as promised I will deliver in 7 working days. Thanking you in advance. Warm Regards Julian Arulappu
  3. Dear Pankaja Desa, Yes, for four (4) 1 mukhi (1/2) moon from India; total price would be £160. If you are interested, please give 1 week time (7 working days) as I have only 1 piece left (all sold out). Warm Regards Julian
  4. Dear Pankaja Desa, All 1 mukhi sold is haf moon (oval) shape. No round mukhi available 1 mukhi (1/2 moon; oval) from India: 35 pounds 1 mukhi (1/2 moon; oval) from Indonesia: 125 pounds (This is a "rare item") Shipping cost (I am assuming you are in the UK): 20 pounds Shipping time: within 3-4 days (excluding Sat, Sun & Public Holidays) Hope this information is adequate Thank you. Have a nice day. Warm Regards Julian KL, Malaysia
  5. Hello Everyone, My name is Julan Arulappu. I am a resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If anyone is looking for the following items: 1. Rudraksha Beads (from Nepal or Indonesia) 2. Yantras 3. Hindu Deities 4. Malas 5. Religious Books 6. New Age Prodcuts 7. Miscellaneous (any other item) Please contact me. I am an authorised agent of Rudraksha Ratna and other reputable dealers based in Nepal & India. Please contact me even if you are not based in KL. You can still order from me & I will ship the items to you. My contact details: Mobile: + 6 013 361 7086 E-mail: jga62@hotmail.com Thank you and have a nice day!! Mr. Julian Arulappu KL, Malaysia
  6. Dear All, Hello everyone. My name is Julian Arulappu based in KL Malaysia. I am a new member to Audarya Fellowship. I am a Rudraksha User & Believer for more than 2 years and now am a distributor for Rudraksha Ratna (from India) based in KL, Malaysia. If you need anything, please contact me. My contact details are: jga62 (at) hotmail. com Thank you. Have a good day & a wonderful week ahead.
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