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  1. Glad that it's ending?? I'm ready to throw the biggest party of all time!!
  2. Thank you to all who responded. I live in the USA and have studied with several American instructors of vedic astrology over the years. It's fascinating to study the dashas. Many times, they give the only cogent explanation of what's going on in my life and why.
  3. I am nearly finished with my much-hated Ketu dasha. For most of it, my three cats sustained me: they purred, kept me company, entertained me, healed me, loved me through my depression, and prevented me from feeling lonely. Unfortunately, through the outright [and unnecessary] cruelty of the Ketu dasha, they all died. I now have two others, who are wonderful; even though I miss my first three.
  4. Yes. My time of birth came from my actual birth certificate.
  5. Hello, Ayush. Yes, I do have dark curly hair and broad shoulders. The Ketu MD wasn't all bad. I did land the most lucrative job that I've ever had. Although it's demanding, I'm happy. Also have a good manager whom I respect. Susan
  6. Hello, Pablo. After making a vehement Lakshmi puja, I landed a lucrative job in April 2005, after three years of financial ruin. I'm grateful. Susan 54
  7. In February 2009, my much hated Ketu dasha will finally come to a most welcome end. It's been a horrible experience: financial problems, multiple health problems, depression, loneliness, anger, frustration, lots of sadness, and loss. The grand finale will occur in September 2008, when I undergo knee-repair surgery. I can't wait for all this to be over. My birth data is: 5:16 am EDT September 3, 1954 Acushnet, MA, US 41N42 70W54 Would anyone care to comment on my impending Venus dasha?? Thank you, Susan [female]
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