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  1. my brothgers name is prashanth sowmithry, he was born on 05.08.1982 at 09.05 Am in Nuzvid (near vijayawada,andhrapradesh). I want to know which stone should he use for better prospects. I also want to know when he will buy a house ,good job and marriage Kindly advise. Regards
  2. Hii, i need the subscription.plz send me at the below address bhargava T14,sector-9 cbd belapur navi mumbai 40614
  3. hii, I haerd that there is a very famous place in gulbarge(karnataka, some 100 kms from bangalore) where there is a temple of guru or guru dattatraya temple, you just need to go there and as soon as harathi starts, ur cure starts automatically and its nearly free may b u need to give some Rs 50.00 or 100 max to the pujari there after u feel ok. plz try. regards Bhargava
  4. Hii, I need the said subscription.Plz note my address as bhargava t14,sector-9 cbd belapur navi mumbai 400614
  5. Thnx for your answers. I will certainly do as Shri sharmaji and Nikhilji said. thanks once again Bhargava
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