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  1. Where does Kurma the Famous Chef Stand? BY: KURMA DASA Sep 30, AUSTRALIA (SUN) — Recently I became slightly famous when I got a mention on Dandavats by the "Famous Chef, Kurma Dasa", who in his article claimed that he had been, "tolerating a certain devotee for some time now" (me), and that he had also asked me to "please stop writing my articles." He also inferred by reference to himself that somehow, I had gone off the deep end for writing articles about cheating gurus and ISKCON's rogue elements. To all and sundry who may have happened to read this article I would like to point out some lies that Kurma dasa the famous chef has told in his article. First of all, Kurma the famous chef made the claim that he had approached me and asked me to stop writing my articles. This is a lie! He has never approached me in this matter at all! Second, he may well have approached the editors of the website, as he claims, however he is once again telling a lie in making the claim that it was he who added the (not the chef) to the end of my articles. I did this myself because my initial thoughts were that I didn't want readers to confuse me with him, because of the very important points I am making about deviations within ISKCON, which are a far cry from what the famous chef writes about. In fact, as far as I know, he supports all of the deviations. He also claimed that I write critical articles on other websites, but the fact is most items that I write only appear on the Sampradaya Sun. I do know for a fact that whilst Kurma the famous chef and many of his buddies were building and conquering their Australian Empire, there were a lot of devotees they oppressed, kicked out, and abused, so we can guess that I am not the only person in Australia writing critical articles. Just like Kurma dasa the famous chef has claimed to tolerate me, I (not the famous chef), like many others in Australia, have tolerated Kurma dasa's silence over the years in matters of great significance that are affecting Srila Prabhupada's Movement. Kurma prabhu did play a big part in assisting Bhavananda in his attempt to accrue his homosexual empire in this part of the world. Kurma prabhu, being a senior devotee, had a duty to take care of those who came to ISKCON in those days, but rather than do this he kicked people out who refused to view Bhavananda as a maha-bhagavat. Instead of writing critical articles about my criticisms, I would like to see Kurma dasa write some articles about where he stands in relation to some of the serious issues facing ISKCON. For example, what is his stance about the 2/3rd majority bogus voting-in guru system? Considering that it is a farce sastrically, and has never been part of Vaisnava tradition, what does he say about that? He was quick to brand me as a Ritvik, which many of his counterparts claim is not being part of tradition. So what is the difference between Ritvik and 2/3rd majority when considering tradition? What does he say about gurus with shady pasts? We believe Kurma prabhu has made good friends with Devamrita Swami, so what are his thoughts about Devamrita Swami's quick conversion from Hare Christian in Australia, to voted-in ISKCON guru? On the scale of things, these are of utmost importance for ISKCON -- far more important than how much cumin should be added to a ten pound pot of subji. But I doubt very much whether we will hear any commentary about these things from Kurma the famous chef. Such subjects are taboo when you're part of the gopi bhava club! Kurma Dasa (not the famous chef)
  2. So am I, I have every book, tape, photos and present day important classes. But remember, people have been walking around for thousands of years claiming they are in the last days, especially the bible belt mad Christians of the U.S.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> The fact is, we are ALL going to leave these bodies, the last days for all of us starts when we are 50, even that’s not guaranteed. As we have seen, we may leave this body due to a heart attack etc at anytime So always think of Krishna
  3. Krishna is in our hearts, our rudder is the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Bhagavat-Guru. Until someone I trust comes along, thats the way it will stay!! Lord Caitanya is our rudder Hari Bol
  4. Agree, this is even difficult to understand without realization. Even my local Temple president says now is the present but actually there is no present in the material world, it's always the past, what you reading is always in the past. Wow, the Goloka realm of the eternal present tiime of love and devotion is inconievable while we are trapped in this material body and mind.
  5. As Bhadracharu das glorified Gour Govinda Maharaja, he cited another instance where in spite of extreme physical discomfort with boils in his arm and leg, Maharaja traveled 250 km to preach vigorously supporting namahatta devotees. He was also successful in establishing Bhuvaneswar Bhakti Vedanta Book Trust. Maharaja was also known for his long and deep Srimad Bhagavatham classes. Such a great personality to associate with
  6. If everyone was interested in nectar like this, then Jahnava nitai prabhu would never close down these sites. This is story was told to me many many years ago. It was told me by a friend of mine who served Sudama prabhu, who left the planet in 1995. His leaving was most auspicious with devotees having 24 hour kirtan. Garlands and Tulasi were placed upon his body and he left to the chanting of the Holy Name. Immediately upon his departure, an unknown Indian brahmin came into the room, looked around, and then left. (It is said that if someone leaves their body and an unknown brahmin comes to the room, then that person has gone back home to Godhead.) Please everyone out there, read Srila Prabhupada’s books and learn what spiritual life is all about. I believe this is also what Jahnava Nitai Prabhu wants also
  7. Beautiful pastime, has anyone got anymore wonderful stories with the devotees of Lord Krsna?
  8. This is an important point bija reveals.
  9. Very interesting reading of the devotee's realizations on this difficult subject matter.
  10. What is nitya baddha BODYLESS consciousness? What is the Impersonal Brahmajyoti or Brahman? The Impersonal Brahmajyoti or Impersonal Brahman is not a place where one goes; it is not some empty place or void, it is rather a dormant state of bodilyless consciousness the marginal living entities or souls in the baddha-jiva condition, go once they are free themselves from the ethereal and biological material bodies, provided by Maha-Vishnu FROM within his mahat-tattva creation. However this place is also just a further dream state seperate from the mahat-tattva the marginal living entity enters (as baddha-jiva dream manifestation) and is also a temporary state of consciousness one enters. This motionless individual inactive dreamless baddha-jiva consciousness within the impersonal aspect of the Bramajyoti, can also be active or energetic in the mahat-tattva (material creation) This nitya-baddha inferior self, or the secondary dreaming state of the marginal living entity, is actually a bodyless condition of the jiva until it is provided bodily form or a vessel for expressing their desires, provided by Maha Vishnu within his dream creation. This nitya-baddha bodilyless consciousness is the inferior dreaming condition that all marginal living entities can activate if they choose to use their free will to ‘dream’ of self importance and indulgence. Srila Prabhupada- "There are many energies, but they have been divided into three principal ones: the external energy, the internal energy, and the marginal energy. We living entities are the marginal energy. Marginal means that we may remain under the influence of the external energy or we may remain under the influence of the internal energy, as we like". From "The Journey of Self Discovery - His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada In other words, the marginal living entities secondary conscious projection is known as the baddha-jiva soul within the maha-tattva. The marginal living entity actually has two aspects of consciousness; one is 'eternal form'of sat, cit, ananda, Vigraha or ones perpetual Krishna Conscious bodily form (nitya-siddha) that is imperishable and never fades away, due to being eternally etsablished within the 'eternal present' of Goloka, while the other is a non-Krishna conscious dreaming bodilyless state (nitya-baddha) The living entities, as their nitya-siddha body, are properly situated within the Lord’s internal energy as a perpetual bodily servants that is known as ones perpetual 'Svarupa'. When the marginal living entity misuses their independence and try to act as enjoyers or lords; they are transferred to the material energy or mahat-tattva, not as their nitya siddha body, but as a secondary dreaming consciousness called nitya-baddha. The Lord has three basic energies: internal, external and marginal. The living entities don’t belong to the marginal energy, because they ARE the marginal energy or tatastha sakti, that is embodied in their original full constitutional foundation, which is expressed as nitya-siddha in their innovative perpetual position. Tatastha simply means the abilty to choice the land and the ocean or Goloka and the mahat-tattva. The The marginal is therefore known as "tatastha sakti" The nitya-baddha consciousness is the result of the jiva-tatastha executing its dormant free will to choose between Krsna and their own plans of existence. When the baddha-jiva lower self enters a dormant inactive state of consciousness, they can only enter the impersonal aspect of the Brahmajyoti, ONLY after being liberated from the mahat-tattva, which is really and factually the Impersonal aspect of the Spiritual Sky or Brahmajyoti, or their own individual consciousness. That means, although we are properly situated within the Lord’s internal energy in our ‘svarupa’ body eternally beyond mundane time and space, we always have the propensity to misuse our independence and try to act as enjoyers or lords that immediately disqualifies us from being aware of our ‘svarupa’ body, and instead try to lord it over Krishna’s material energy that is under the jurisdiction of the sleeping and dreaming Maha-Vishnu.
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