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  1. Thanks Deepaji, I will wait for your reply. The girl's time I dont know, but will try to find out.
  2. As I said I wasnt doing anything, who will be interested in marrying an unemployed person. She is the only person who encoraged me and said I can do something instead of criticizing and I am doing really good in business. As of marriage now, I dont think I can go for an arranged marriage immediately, not in a mental condition at this moment. Please let me know if I can marry this girl? You have said I must marry within a year, dont I have marriage yogs after that? Also you have mentioned I should do remedies for family peace, is my married life not good?
  3. Thanks Deepaji. I am a Hindu, Brahmin. You mean I should take initiative and speak to her? I am having some eye probs recently. If I dont get married to this girl, or within an year which I dont think is very likely as i neither like someone neither my parents are looking for anyone, dont I have marraige yoga after that? My home and family life is disturbed?
  4. Deepaji I am waiting for your response.
  5. Thanks Deepaji. I would please request you to analyse my chart once and tell me about my marital and career aspects. Regardind the questions, I have never been able to ask her these things as I dont want too lose her as a friend too. I have told her several times, leading this sot of a life isnt worth, but she hasnt ever directly said she will file a divorce.
  6. Wish you luck and hope this forum helps me too.
  7. Wish you luck and hope this forum helps me too.
  8. I am a 34 year old male. Last year I met a girl last year and we became very close friends. She is married but not very happy, i know her husband personally. I wasnt doing anything in life. She motivated and helped me do a good business. With each passing day i am becoming very emotionally dependant on her and cant take it when she cries or sufferes. My life has changed because of hers and if she is ready I will marry her. Can you please tell me whether i can, about my career and married life? My details are October 5, 1974 time: 7:15 pm place: Kolkata
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