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  1. Now he is tellig people he has become very spiritual and become a sanyasi, will leave everything and go. I dont knw what is going on, he is serious or lying or doing what. i will speak to him personally and see the situation.
  2. Thanks Deepaji. I dont knw whether he misses me or not, but he calls up my friends and they have said, he is very eager to know about what I am doing. I dont have any ego probs whatsoever calling him, but the thing is will he improve? shall he start doing some work? if he sits idle he will again do all these things, that is what is troubling me. The thing is "unko theek raste pe kaise laun".
  3. I am just posting to keep the post on top. Deepaji, please reply at your convinience.
  4. I am eagerly waiting for a reply.
  5. Thanks Pena and Deepaji. I will wait for your reply. This forum is so good with such helpful people, I am feeling a bit confident that may be things will change for me as I am not alone, I have so many people with me now, who understands my problems and want to help me. May GOD help me and bless everyone out here.
  6. Deepaji thanks for this constant support. I have been married for 7 years now. Intially things were good between us, but as time went on he changed. I am Bengali and he is Punjabi so our parents didnt support the marriage much, the only people living in the house his me and him. His mom has passed away and his father and sister lves me very much, they are in punjab. They have tried to make him understand things but he puts up a fight with anyone and everyone who tries to explain anything. his father even tried staying with us to bring things under control but he didnt let him stay for long in fact in front of his father he used to bring other women home. As you said all women he gets close too have a ery disputed character. I dont know what he lacks, i have always loved him, given him support in every way, have tolerated and forgiven his nuisances time and again, wanted to have children, work alone and maintain the family but dont knw why he isnt still happy. I sometimes feel so helpless.
  7. Deepaji, thanks for your excellent guidance. But at this moment, I am staying at my father's, I left home because of his affairs and temper, and after that we never contacted each other. Until I get this immediate situation under control I cant make him wear a pukhraj. What do you suggest? Should I wait for things to cool down and him to call? Or should I call him up and say all these? He will start shouting on me and abusing me as soon as I call, I am sure. Please guide me.
  8. I am already wearing Emerald in left hand little finger.
  9. So the only remedy you suggest is handling things strictly and whenever I see anything illicit to confront him and say that if he carries on with all this, I wont be there instead of getting scared to confront that i will lose the relation. Nothing else is required, right? So pukhraj you suggest or ou dont?
  10. Deepaji what you have written about me is very very true. But i can adjust with everything but not his extramarital affairs. Can you suggest something to rectify it.
  11. Thanks, but please dont make futher posts here. I want only hlep related posts.
  12. How do I prevent that? And as I asked in my question if there is a seperation, what is my future?
  13. Over-adjust? Does this mean he wont ever change? Also will i ever get any chldren from him? DO i have a child in my chart? He isnt much interested in that too. Thanks for your help.
  14. The thought of second marriage is not mine, but my parent's. My father is an elec engg, my mom housewife. My mom expired in 1995. Its just me and my father. I am an MBA and have my own BPO business (medical transcription). I got married in 2000. I smiley doesnt mean i dont have a problem, it is just a gesture for the first post.
  15. I am very perplexed with my situation, please let me know what to do. Nikhil ji has said some upay but I had already done two of them and nothing improved. I really dont want a divorce but staying like this is also becming impossible.
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