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  1. Could you please tell ,why insisting on brighu shastri?
  2. YADHAVJI PL FURNISH UR BIRTH DETAILS DATE-TIME-PLACE OF BIRTH! Lalit K Sharma ***************** naxshatra@.co.in
  3. *************** Definetly Amie, And time is not too faaaar!its dec09.and the man lucky would be from your near ones! ask her to wear a good quality coral of 5+carat! Lalit K Sharma ************** naxshatra@.co.in
  4. Dear dharam veer, with all malific prabhavas on concerned bhavas,bhav karaks,presence of gulik in second house and sthanparivartan yog of gulikadhishtith sign lord[mangal] with trishadayadhipati guru is making the problem more complicated! Measures to be taken according to me are: 1.ask the baby to daan satnaja{seven types of anaj] to birds in the morning daily for 43 days!{may be althrough rahu antardasha} 2.to boost visibility,in the right ring finger a panna in gold ,of 5 carats+ should be worn. 3.take the services of a learned brahamman who can can recite chakshushi vidya and aditya hridya stotra for 43 days continuously on behalf of the child. 4.take the root of chirchita{apamarg},fold it four times and tie it onthe right hand of the child on 15 july 2008 between 4-6 pm in shiv mandir. GOD BLESS THE CHILD. Lalit K Sharma ************************ naxshatra@.co.in
  5. Ms Deea, Rightly said"yogkarak....................ultimately" this word 'ultimatly' explains the meaning of keeping on toes!!!!!!! Budh actually does not show the qualities of being in ninth house! It was RAHU WHICH WAS PUSHING MERCURY TO GIVE RESULTS OF 2ND AND 5TH BHAVAS DURING ITS MAHADASHA!!!! "YAD YAD BHAV GATOW VAAPI YAD YAD BHAVESH SANYUTOW TAT TAT PHALANI PRABLOW PRADISHETAM TAOU GRAHO." Just after the dasha of rahu was over his academic records[properties of 2nd and fifth house] fell like Hg[murcury] in winters????? HAD INFLICTED MERCURY BEEN GIVING ENOUGH RESULTS OF DWITIYESH AND PACHMESH INDI WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TO PSYCOLOGISTS DURING ANTERDASHA OF MERCURY! BUDDHU! keep weakness of budh aside and he is a smart[over one]guy! Thank you! Lalit K Sharma
  6. Dear ones, Rishi Parashar says: sarve trikon{1,5,9} netaro shubh phalprada patay trishadayanam{3,6,11} yadi pap phal prada. bhagya vyayadhipaten randhresho{lord of 8th house} na shubhprada! here in inderjit's kundli guru{ mahadashesh} represents two most malefic houses 8 and 11. guru is paap madhyasth.except under anterdashas of budh,shani and shukra guru will keep him on toes professionally,emotionally,financially! The period of concern [which no body has elaborated]is next year i.e. antatdasha of ketu! during this antardasha the two bad yogas ARISHT MATIBHRAM YOGA AND ARISHT HARSHMOH YOGA WILL GIVE RESULTS! Don't be daring and manipulative always, this may land you in emotional troubles. Inderjit, Go for some pranayam and yoga apart from some upaayas for ketu-rahu, budh and shani! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ! Lalit K Sharma ************** naxshatra (at) .co.in
  7. Dear Arpit, You may get married any time after nov 08 but with this girl I doubt! being little relegious won't do! in future also you will have to be, not only religeous but faithfull too,to keep your marriage. Lalit K Sharma ------------------- naxshatra@.co.in
  8. ********************************************* Deepaji, It shows how calculative you are! But before being so inventive it would be better to go through basic books of vedic astrology. ksheenh chandrma,paap madhyasth,vyaya bhavasth that too with shani and you are advising pearl! GOD BLESS YOU ! Lalit K Sharma ******************* naxshatra@.co.in
  9. HERAMBAAY NAMO NAMH:, You are intellectual ,social, congenial,quick witted, inquisitive and objective KIRPA! You are passing through budh in rahu dasha, which will definetly offer change and better prospects in your career, in near future. at the same time I advise you to take good care of your health! There are chances of precipitation of some kind of protozoal infection in small intestine resulting in stomach pain etc. You seem to be a patient of hyperacidity and gastrittis already.Pay heed to your eating habits and type of food you intend to eat. You are wearing right stone of wrong weight!It should be 3.6ct or 4 rattis at least. for detailed analysis you may write to naxshatra@.co.in
  10. HERAMBAAY NAMO NAMH:, You are energetic,idealistic,enthusiastic,selfsufficient and spontaneous! but rahu means darkness ,confusion.... and these qualities [?]of rahu show enhenced results during its mahadasha-antardashas.What you need at this junture is to curb your above mentioned qualities and try to stay calm cool and collected while making important decisions.Apart from rahu mahadasha you are passing through bad gochar for last 3-4 years.This bad gochar often incites you to takes shortcuts which may turn out to be short circuits most of the times.Take yogic and devic measures to ensure smooth sailing in tough times! GOD BLESS YOU! For detailed analysis you may write to naxshatra@.co.in
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