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  1. Devi bhagvatam also says that brahmanas should eat prasada from Shaalagraama and worship vishnu mantra, but at an other place in the devi bhagavatam it is said that all dvijas are shaaktas, not vaishnavas and not shaivas because they worship Gayatri.


    In my version of Bhagavata puraana there is a mahaatmya from skanda puraana for the bhagavata puraana and there is also a mahatmya from skanda puraana in my dewi bhagavatam.


    Is it possbile that Vyaasa wrote devi bhagvatam because Vishnu gave his blessings to Durga when she helped him by becoming Shree Krishnas sister?


    It is the function of the soul. So even though the Indian Hindus are very much inclined in my favor, so far I have experience it is very difficult to turn them into pure devotees.



    He meant that it is very difficult to make parrot like people of Hindus. We would not agree with "Srila prabhupada is always right" But Srila Prabhupada is in our favor. We Hindus are very glad that people who were cow flesh eaters are worshiping Hindu God now.

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