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  1. That's not exactly the solution she wanted. But that's funny.
  2. As theist said, it happened with me once too... turning 7th on 7.
  3. I do too agree. People speaking of raas-lila of Krishna, Krishna killed Karna by cheating etc... everything done by "God" cannot be justified. You cannot say that, look he did a lot of good things and escape the discussions on bad things. I cannot say much about Lord Shiva as I know his as very ascetic personality.
  4. What's the moral of the story? Well the girl lacked talent. I could not get why good virtues did it teaches!
  5. Well, I don't agree. Yes there are loopholes but saying anything conclusively would not be right thing to do.
  6. Thank you Nikhil for your elaboration. But amv wants to know how effective they are as they are claimed. In what time will they provide remedy?
  7. Thanks. Its really a good website. Serves two purpose of improving vocabulary as well as donating rice to poor.
  8. Thank you Suchandraji and Bhaktajanji for your replies.
  9. Sounds like an excerpt from some Sci-fi book. Far away from reality. I don't see any war in near future.
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