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  1. Thank you Ravindran Ji and USR ji for your clarification, Always an Identification or prediction is made based on an unique criteria(Like Fingerprint analysis or palm lines or foot lines or rekhas). So everywhere an indentity is created on UNiqueness. So uniqueness shines better than a common one. But here more than one person born(male, female or combination of both) in a same time, date and country(in a particular location), or ina case of Twins , thrins etc., Will have a same birth chart and Divisional chart. Where does the uniqueness comes in this case. Does it mean the prediction for one is same as the other and ONLY the environment/their karma makes the Uniqueness? Thank you, Rajan
  2. Hi all renowed astrologers, I have a general doubt.Please clarify Can ones birth chart will resemble same a some others Navamsa chart or dasamsa chart? Is it possible. In how many Hours,days, months and years does the planets placement from a birthchart differ from a navamsa chart/dasamsa chart! Thank you, Rajan
  3. Respected astrologers, Need prediction for these chart as match making. When and How will be the marriage life. Any doshas and remedies need to carried out. Girl : dob: 21- Jul -1984 time : 12:30 pm place : Madurai, TamilNadu Boy: dob : 4 - jan - 1983 time: 6:30 am place : coimbatore , Tamil Nadu Thank you, Raj
  4. Hi all, im also a learning astrologer trying to reply your queris 1. Whether the aspect of a certain planet is powerfull or its placement in a certain house It depends on planet- it is said that jupiters placement is bad but aspects are good and Vice versa for saturn 2. What will be impact of the " aspect of good planets over the malefic planet" Then how will be dasa/bhukthi /antardasa periods of the malefic planet aspects of good planets are mean to be good 3. Whether Sun is considered to be a malefic or benefic! sun placement determines it 4. Suppose if sun is considered to be a benefic planet or its in a good placement and is aspecting its enemic planet Rahu. Will the dasa period of Rahu will be good? yes it will be
  5. Respected astrologers, Can a person with sun in lagna(if in the chart lagna Sun is aspecting Rahu in 7th house) wearing "Ruby" going to face his Rahu Mahadasa. Can he continue wearing the Ruby in rahu maha dasa also? Please throw me some light on this. Thank you
  6. Respected Astrologers, Need Analysis on match making between these two BOYS DEtail : D.O.B IS ON 04-01-1983 In Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) at 6.36 AM Tuesday GIRLS Detail: D.O.B IS ON 21-07-1984 In Madurai(Tamil Nadu) at 12:15 pM(Afternoon) Any dosha in these two! Is it a good Match? Thanks in advance, Rajan
  7. Namaste, Need Analysis on match making between these two horoscopes BOYS DEtail : D.O.B IS ON 04-01-1983 In Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) at 6.36 AM Tuesday GIRLS Detail: D.O.B IS ON 21-07-1984 In Madurai(Tamil Nadu) at 12:15 pM(Afternoon) Any dosha in these two! Is it a good Match? Thanks in advance, Rajan
  8. Thank you Sasisekaran Ji, Will follow your suggesstion and continue my prayers towards my ishta devata. Regards, Rajan
  9. Dear Sasisekaran Ji, As per you suggestions my prayers towards Ganapathy ista devatha is there. But i dint get any images of 'jala' ganapathy. So im praying keeping picture of ganapathy whenever i find time. If u know any website for the image of the same. just provide me. First temporarily teaching job - 1-june to october 2005 second job - 20 th Oct 2005 to jan 30th 2006 did part time business - likely 15th march 2006 - faced failure third one - feb 2006 to till now loss of pay - due to lack of recognition - june july 2007 8th lord in 9th cand show inheritance. -- i cant understand this statement.Can you give some explanation regarding How moon affects me? As guru gives desire. when this will get fulfilled. Thank you, Rajan
  10. Dear Sasisekaran Ji, Regarding worship. Im by default a devotee of lord krishna.Also as i mentioned earlier. I have lot of faith in god. Just to know about my chart i had those queries. My first job entry date is on oct 2005 where i felt some loneliness and no recognition from my colleagues too. So i quitted in short time to second job entry is on Feb 2006. Where i felt lack in financial improvement in june 2006.Same continues now also. As you said, Though guru in 12 th house we can consider it benefic or what!!How about moons' placement. Thank you, Rajan
  11. Thank you Sasisekaran Ji, I have one more doubt in my chart. By default its said Jupiter(Guru) is a benefic/good planet. But i also read about a thing that if lagna lord is placed in 12th house its not good like that. Do we analyse our Navamsa and dasamsa chart for the jupiters placement and check whether its benefic or not. What are the benefic planets in my chart. Which dasa and antar dasa will be good for me. Pls bare with my Queries. In spite of understanding my chart im asking this. Thank you, Rajan
  12. Dear Sasisekaran Ji, Thank you for your valuable suggestions. As per your view do i always need to have face problems during saturn and venus dasa,antardasa likewise. Also i asked about my Rahu dasa. How it'll be? Like to know about it as a precaution. Does rahu is placed good in my charts.Since it s in my kalasthra sthana. Thank you, Rajan
  13. Dear Sasisekaran Ji, I have gone through your posts regarding predictions. So please take time analyse my chart too. Im working in a private concern My birth details are. 4th january 1983 - 6.36 am - place : Coimbatore Financially i was facing problems and regarding delay in abroad travel. In nov 2006, I lost my money starting a business and being a partner with my friend.Last year in near to june,i faced a heavy financial loss and cancellation of foreign travel like that. How will be my next Rahu maha dasa.How abt my marriage life? Please analyse my chart and need Gem prediction. Thank you, Rajan
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