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  1. Respected sir, Please help me? I have quite confusion. should i go for upgrade my education or i cancel my admission. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks & Regards.
  2. Please give me consultation. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks.
  3. Namaste, date of birth - 6th jan 1969 time- 6.20 am place- Nasik (Maharastra), India Education-Elecrtrnics Engineering Current status- house wife. father- expired in sept 1987 Mother- house wife Brother= two younger brother both are working in good position. I got married in 19 dec 1996.. My husband is Mechanical Engineer.now in software.I have one daughter(born 24 dec. 1997} Presently I am in U.S.A. & hose wife because i don't have work permit. I was working in India for 12 years.I am getting deprssion to sitting at home.so. this year I applied my H1b(work Permit} but because of lottery system i didn't get it. so I decided to upgrade my education. I took admission for master's course. the course was supposed to start 0n 25 aug. but I got fractured in my anckle before one day my leg is in cast for more than one month.so I cancelled my Admission for this semister.Now my question is thst can I contineus my education or this is the indication that I am not getting sucess in my education. Please guide me.
  4. Hallo, It's my humble request can anybody give me cosultation regarding my question?
  5. your prediction is Absulately perfect sir,that was the best period of my carrier path. I was in marketting field at that time. for my carrier i took lots of efforts every time. I have only one wish that i want to do best carrier. H1b means the visa allow to work in USA but this year there is a lottery system for H1b.Plese tell me can I get job in future or it is the end of my carrier.i am waiting for your reply. Thanks & Regards.
  6. Thanks for your valuable consultation. As you mention does that mean i dont have prosepect of getting a job before april 2009 based on astrological chart. presently I am in USA form three years on h4 (dependent) visa. I had been working last 12 years. now being housewife i become really very restless.I lost my peace of mind. My health is not good.It also affect my family. this year i filed my h1B please guide me there are any chances to get me h1b. also guide me which field is better for me because I have verious divercified field experience like software,teaching,marketing. I am waiting for your reply. my Date of birth 6th january 1969 Time 6.20am place- Nasik(maharastra) Thanks & Regards.
  7. Respected Guruji, date of birth 6th january 1969, Time of birth 6.20 am. Place of birth-Nasik, Maharastra state, India. Sex- female Current Status- house wife Educational background- Electronics Engineering father- Expired in 1987 Mother-House wife Brothers- two younger brothers working. I wanted to know about my carrier. Can i get gob? which field? three years back i have got dibetis. My suger level is always fluctuating also presently I don't have job so I am getting depression.This year I filled my H1b please guide me can I get H1b & also Can I get job. Thanks & Regards.
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