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  1. i have polycystic ovaries can you help me?
  2. i did read t his thread and it's subject and i swear she was describing me...can anyone please give me a reading too?
  3. yes u have to blame the head pujari because they putting these little younglings to give reading.nobody never say no dont manifest.yes u have the vibration fine but do not and i mean DO NOT put these green shaktas infront murtis to give reading becasue i personally know of incidents where them give people to do all kinda kraziness! people coming there with their last hope and just breakin them.. like me...i went infront a shakti and this shakti tell me "u have to pray to shiva plenty" i coulda dead ont he spot....shiva is my main devta but he tellin me this... and i realize he was out of shakti when his facial expression looked stunned and confused and didn't know what to say cuz hislips was fumbling to conjure up something else to tell me.... i just bow and i never went back by a shakti after that yes! but the shaktis i went to b4 him remember me from so long.this is a different person i meet probaly 10-15 years later manifesting the same bhairo of that said temple and he remember me and remind me of things i used to do there and things i do home...so yea..i get real throw off myself
  4. baba i know of a temple that charging people $5 to enter and makin fuss that on different saturdays they wear the same colour clothes.so they will wear red,nxt week white,nxt week yellow...i can get the makin different colour uniform thing(to an extent,if u can afford it)...but paying $5 to enter is ludacris!
  5. hello bhairo, from your replies you seem to know alot but then again i realize you are a pundit.hats off to you and all that you have learnt and the amount of people you must help.i reali am pleased to hear this because i have been int his worship all my life and i have not come across someone who will help you do something without personal gain.especially financially! this so bad man,i thinking about going to a sacrifice temple for help.nothing working out for me.i manifest many shaktis,mostly male and i just don't know how to go about using my shakti to help me so i can help other people beacsue i believe in order to help the world i must help myself so i can be better prepared to help people. i get signs and dreams and messages which are sometimes to the t or just parable dreams that drive me crazy because i cannot figure it out until the said thing happens that it is r elated to. i wish i could get straight dreams like i do sometimes. i'm so confused and disappointed.in my self and in my abilities. not the god(shakti) aspect of it but how i can't find somoene to help and someone for guidance. i have no contact with my christened guru and i just have basic knowledge of shakti worship. i just want to get a job so i can get on my feet.i have somewhere to start(with devotion) but i don't know if it will directly help me get a job if u know what i mean.its rituals for sadhanas but not specifically for gettin a job. then again i not even sure how these things work any spiritual advise from a admirable and well learned man as yourself?
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