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  1. Dear respected Gurujis, I would like to know what past karma causes manglik dosha because I, my mother and my sister are all manglik. I am kumbh rashi, mars in H1 in lana chart, in H12 in rashi chart. My mother is mesh rashi, mars in H1 in lagna chart, in H9 in rashi chart(no mangal here). My younger sister is vrushchika rashi, mars in H3 in lagna chart(no mangal here) but in H12 in rashi chart. Everybody is hot tempered. There are lots of fights at home.Nobody is readdy to back off. everything is either delayed or comes after lot of struggle. What karma have we done in past life? Is there any remedy for this.
  2. Hello Sirs, I am amruta. My details- D.O.B - 22/12/1982 T.O.B - 10.29 AM PLACE- Wai, Maharashtra I am jobless for 3 yrs. I did mechanical engg. worked in company for 1 year. then did software course. since then i am jobless.i have been to astrologers. one suggested wearing panna and diamond. other suggested i wear moonga. when i was wearing panna that time after 3 months i left job. when i wear moonga i feel very nervous/ short tempered. i am only wearing diamond now. are these gemstones correct. should i wear yello sapphire for luck.when will i get job? which are my benific and malefic planets? these 10 yrs(study yrs.) have been really worse for me. everything i do i face failure. also marriage delay is there. one astrologer said i am mangalik so i have problems also shani delaying marriage. What should i do? plz help
  3. Dear Sir, my details are-: DOB : 22 dec 1982 time: 10:29 am place: wai, maharashtra,India sex : female education: BE mechanical major events-: good and successfull school life till 1998 got admission to engg in 2000 year gap in 2001. lots of problems while taking education. got job in automobile industry in 2005 left job in 2006 to do computer course. lots of problems while doing course. unemployed till now for nearly 2 years now. always gets clear till last round in interviews and something happens and i am rejected. Sir when will i get the job? what is the problem and remedy for it? what gemstone i should wear? also i want to pursue MBA? is it possible? is there any indication in my horoscope tha ti will go abroad and when? my email amruta2212@.co.in
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