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  1. the only valid remedy of the pitr dosha is the shraddha ceremony at the gaya and the important tirthas like rameshweram etc. the pitra dosha is supposed to be caused by the "poorva karma dosha " of earlier lives. the pitr dosha causes childlessness, obstacles and faliours. lord surya supposed to be the remover of this dosha. if sun homam is performed at the samkranti days it helps a lot in pecifying this dosha. proper worship of Pitras on pitra paksha removes this dosha. best remedy is to observe and celebrate the bhagvata saptah parayana it is supposed to be remover of all pitra doshas to root. worship of lord Narayana and doing vaishnava mantra jaapa for pitras is boon to the saptah parayana of Bhagavata.
  2. the worship of mother divine has 7 fold paths, each seeker 'saadhak' is required to be first initiated into a Guru parampara then according to the instructions of guru he has to start his journey from a stage and then gradually progressing to furthur higher stages. the first stage is a) vedicaachaar: observing strict rules of vedas,doing sandhya vandan, observing 5 maha yagnaas, doing the timely rites of darsh & Poornmaasa,7 soomasamsthas(soma offers), pitra yagnas(ansestral rites), 16 /18 samskaars(like the secraments of catholics),etc and following strict rules of varna & aashrama etc(untouchability, purity of food). 'Mukti' or salvation is possible but great penance is required. b) shaivaachaar: next advance stage is 'saivaachaar' which corrosponds to loose rules of verna and aashrama, less stress on vedic rites, and more libral in outlook of untouchability etc. this advance stage has 'saadhak' on elevated lavel of realisation where all humen beings are considered eligible for self realisation through worship of 'shiva' and chanting of his mantra. mukti is possible but path to selvation is primarly dependent on control of senses and karma purity. c) vaishnavaachaar: next stage is corrosponding to furthur higher lavel of self realisation. now for 'saadhak' the observing vedic rites rites is not required, which was essential in earlier stages. Only service to the sweet lord 'Narayana and his incarnations' and chanting of his devine names and mantras are essential. but in tis stage strict rules regarding food habits and daily sex life is essential. this stage signifies that seeker has reached stage where nothing else matters, but remembring lord in each and every aspact of life. but still 'saadhak' is influcnced by matters and subjects of senses. hence if he is not aware of the rules he is destined to down fall. mukti is possible at this stage also. but saadhak has to primarly follow path of abstainism of subjects of senses. though difficult but possible. d) Dakshinaachaar: this higher stage is similar to vaishnavaachaar but now seeker is supposed to worship mother divine in her various forms. e) Vaamachaar: This higher stage is permissible only to those seekers who had attained full control over the flow of bodily desires and are not influenced by subjects of senses. Only in this stage the offering of five Ms are made called the panch Maakaar's: Madya(wine):signifies the pure joy attained when the 'soma chakra' is evoked. Maansa(meat of animals except fish):this offering signifies the pure knowledge attained that world is temporary. Meena(fish): as fish is wondring deep in ocean, so is the meditation of seeker. if this offering is made the progress to furthur higher relms of meditation is possible. but if an amature due to pleasure of taste etc does this offering then it causes curse. Mudraa(bread and grains):this offering signifies the fruits of saadhna through which the seeker is gooing through. Maaithuna(copulation): this signifies the meeting of soul with the divine. the act of sex is not the real meaning of term. it has deeper meaning corrosponding to the state of nirvana.if one indulges into these practices without proper guidence it can lead to path of self distruction. f)veeraachaar: corosponding to furthur higher relms g) Kaulaachaar: the highest stage of self realisation. the last two stages are to be explained only by guru ' the spiritual master' not in public forum like this. hence we can see that worship of Kali does not require Saadhak to do secrifices etc. until he is properly initiated. So practices in Trinidad is mearly an expression of ignorance. the mother does not require these secrifices and offering. this is only for purifying the souls of seekers. it depends upon your stage of realisation to indulge into these practices. higher the stage , quicker is the path of self realisation but risk involved is also high. it depends upon the seeker which type of path he or she is opting . if any seeker is defaulter then we cannot blame the Kali Maa and the religion as whole
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