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  1. i thought kali yuga wasnt sapposue to chage for like a milllion years or somthin.........anyways i guess ur right no one can accuratly predict this
  2. i hate hearing bullshit like that ...........it just makes me so mad to hear things like that......that food dosent belonh to no one but the hungry childeren
  3. u never know astrology might have some answers........dob april 29 1982 time 21:18 toronto canada
  4. i ve seen ur posts........i think ur a astrologer.......i think there is going to some kind of change in the world....i think its going to be a spiritual change
  5. thank u thats very kind of u.........i dont get it......i dont know astrology but i do want to learn.....but right now in my present sutuation all i could do i ask questions
  6. why is it when ever i ask a question no one wants to resond to my question...whats going on here....dosent anyone want to talk to me
  7. there is some articals and videos on the mayan calander where it stops at 2012, some are saying that ofcourse as usual the end of the world or somthing big might happen.....any prediction on what might happen
  8. sometimes when im asleep, i wake up, but its weird cause im awake in my mind but my body is asleep, and i have to wake my self up by breathing heavy that seems to be the only way that i could wake my self up from that state....can any one help me and explain to me why this is happenig....this only started to happen like two yrs ago.......it really freaks me out sometime cause it takes a while to wake my self up......
  9. it is a rear thing now........thats old time thing.......its really nice to listen to it......its like nothin ever heard before
  10. i ve heard it......my nana in trinidad use to sing it..........it just amazing to hear it being sung nothin comparees, they dont really do it anymore thats mostly oldtime kinda thing.....ive only seen it once here in canada...and that was a long time ago
  11. to u they were flaws but to me they were transedental past times
  12. i dont know much scriptures, i only know the gita really, but i agree with that statment, i could see the logic in it, although i wouldnt want to be any of thoughs positions at all
  13. that is kinda scary...that nothin might not happen and it just buisnesse as usually......to me it would feel like a waste of a life time
  14. haha okay there mister funny........but im waiting for u to be my most learned teacher.....think u could handle me
  15. do any of u wonder whats going to happen in the future......is the world just going tgo be the same as alway.....we advance technologically, make all kind of advances in life, but there was never really an advancement in spirituallity.....sure there was the hare krishna movement tha came to the west in the 70s or when ever.....but thats it, now theres nothin, even as we speak the hare krishna movement is at a stand still, nothing significant is happening
  16. ^^^^^^ thats so funny i do almost the sam thing sometimes.....its just crazy.......lol......sorry to hear about ur sutuation, must be very hard for u, ihope thing work out for the best.......
  17. thats a very nice poem....writing is a very good way of expressibg ur self........its funny i feel the same way in that poem u wrote.....and even so sometime i feel depressed when i i dont have that feeling for a while.........i hope everyone get to see god one day......i just hope that one day i will get to serve him
  18. yeah but im not sure if it would be the same.......like when he was here before on earth.....i often wwonder why we dont see any of the gods on earth in this day and age.........i think its kiond cruel that we don get to see them at all
  19. do u ever wonder why dosent lord krishna come back down to earth.......i sometimes wonder that.....its very hard to have faith ingod sometimes.....i just wish he was here with us in phyisical form.....do any of you feel like that
  20. i dont think that is an issue at all, i belive that gods forms are infinate and that god come to us in wichever way he see fit
  21. thank u that very kind of u...i was also thinking, i have a smaller image of this pic from a spare copy of the gita, i was thinkong if i was to take it to a photo shop if they couls enlarge it for me
  22. this is the one im looking for
  23. thats the one....i just love this pic
  24. thanks for the link...there are some very beautifel pics there but not the one i want thank uthough
  25. i as looking there but i cant find it.......i ws wondering i have a copy of the smaller one from the gita....i was thinnking if i took it to a photo shop willl they beable to do a good job of making it bigger
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