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  1. any advice?????????from any one
  2. right now im trying to rent a spot from a mechanic so i could do some body work and i could also learn some mechanic from him when there isnt any body work to be dont, i was wondering if it would be a good venture for myself so i could kind of establish myself, im a bidyman by trade with some mechanic skill but i still have alot to learn even with the body work but i could hold my own with the body work, i just don t want to loose any tool or get ripped off by the mechanic....would this be a good move for myself or should i hold of from it for now, i feel if i could make a move on it now it would open up a few connections for myself and i would learn more of the buissneess side to it, wich would hellp me out in the future.....can someone pealse advice me on what to do should i hold out or should i just push forward........ DOB APRIL 29 1982/21:18
  3. i know this might sound weird to be asking this but i would like to get a indian ringneck parrakeet later on this year but im afriad my mom will freak out cause she is a neat freak....we had bird when we were smaller but i would like one now........when will be a good time for me to get one so she dosent freak out my dob is april 29 1982 time 21 18 mom is july 31 i dont remember the year but i think she is turning 63 this years. please help i really want one and i think a bird around the house will put some life back into the house aspesially around the winter time.......i could tell the she gets bored in the winter espicially after january....i know i do after about january cause ur just locked up in the house......... i know if i get a tame one there will be a little new life around the house and it would help to take her mind off the boredemness...pls help
  4. lol........finda funny but well put......i wonder if i train my parrot to say krishna or sri ram, would that in it self help him to reach a higher state of cousiecnece
  5. welll no ofcourse not......but i think its kind cruel that the animals dont the that type of sense to think of the lord
  6. so then its possiable for an animal to think of god in some form or the other
  7. so what does a animal have to do to get a human body......or what cycle does the soul have to go throught o achieve a human body, were we all at once in a different life an animal at some point and eventually promoted to a a human form or is it just different for everyone???????
  8. well it has been proven in studys that anaimal show different types of behavior like moroning for the dead and showing signs of joy or happiness, but are animals aware that there is a god like we do or are they just not aware of the lord and also do they pray like we do but in there own way????
  9. i just had the weirdist dram as usual, but when im dreaming i remember to paray and im actually praying in my dream.....what does it mean......when i pray i usually chant om namo bhaguata vasudeva........any thoughts
  10. how do we even know if god is listening to us......i feel like he is listening to us sometime.....but there are times when i feeel like hes not even there, its so frustrating somtimes.....i wonder why god made me this way, i only wanted simple thing in life, now everything is so complicated.....why were we made like this
  11. u should ask one of the astrologers from this forum there are better suited to anwswer this question......i was told that i need to perfoma pilgramage anf vist various temples in india
  12. ooohh that dosent sound very good dont want that to happen
  13. i was just watching a movie and this guy died in his sleep. normally we tend to say that if you die in your sleep that it was a peacefull death. what i would like tp know is if any scriptures adressed this subject about the different kinds of death. for instance ghandi was killed, while chanting the name of the lord, so was it a good death,cause at the time of his deat he remembered the lord, i have been taught that when some one is in a coma it is cause theere spirt dosent wan to leave there body,also i have heard that if you are dreaming that you have been killed, that u will die in ur sleep? but what actually hapeen when ur sleeping and u die. <!-- / message -->
  14. i was just watching a movie and this guy died in his sleep. normally we tend to say that if you die in your sleep that it was a peacefull death. what i would like tp know is if any scriptures adressed this subject about the different kinds of death. for instance ghandi was killed, while shanting the name of the lord, do was it a good death. also i have heaard that if you are dreaming that you haaev been killed, that u eill di in ur sleep?
  15. if u thought that was a taste of reality yu should check out a vid on youtube....they show a complete vid of autopsi....it was pretty cool but hard to watch...but an eye opener at the same time........but yeah its funny how strong maya is and how quicky u can forget things
  16. i think i know the problem ur having.....a swami once told me that i was three year late....when he read my chart...maybe that might help
  17. can u please give me some advice......i want to start selling some cars little by little and have my own body shop cause this is what i want to do.....but eventually i want to branch out into other types of buisneess like realestate and have other buisness.....but for now selling cars is a great way to make some start up money....i dont want to work for nobody again....im olny doing it right now cause i have no choice.......i like fixing cars thats part of the reason why im so intent on doing it....what can i say its every tradesman dream to have his own shop........what i would like to know is if this will be a good move for me...will there be any problems in selling the cars, cause i will be putting them right on my driveway.......any advice woulde help............ do april 29 1982 21:18 toronto ontario
  18. i dont get it...in the post above by deepa...she said i would be succese is assured.....if ur going to tell me to go to school back and get a job work for someone....i dont mean to sound rude but thats just not going to happen....right now i see it as a way out to be self sufficent...how else am i seppouse to get start up money......i understand that there would be some loses but thats buisness
  19. well i will have to wait....for a bit my phone isnt working right now......
  20. yes of course u are right...then agian u have been doing astrology for a long time but....how do u avoid theese people......for some reason they always seem to follow me...and i mean the bad ones...i hope i dont dont sound negative......but thats just the way it is....and its kinda frustrating....cause eventually i would like to learn astrology but i have found anyone to teach me but a few people have offered to teach me...but it hard to deciede....i want to leaarn astrology so i could understand the world around me me better and to help people
  21. what are my options then......i dont have anything else to do.......i cant just start over......im 26 now......how much longer do i have to waste
  22. how can u tell a good astrologer one that will help u and give u good advice, and how could u tell wether an astrologer is wicked and will only try to harm u for there own best intrest..........this might seem insignificant.....but i think its an important subject......over the years i have found people who practice astrology and are wicked people and they only think of themslves......any advice
  23. i want to have my own bodyshop one day.....but in order for me to do that i need some start up money....i want to start by selling used cars for a small profit on my driveway...i hope to start my next year summer cause i have a couple of bills to pay off and my liscence is suspeneded.....i would like toknow will anyone cause any for me or my family
  24. well i only live with my mother and sister...relationship with my mother is okay......sometime we have arguments........shes a very head stongf and independant woman........we have been living alone since i was very small...didnt have a relationship with my father.....my mom got married a couple years back to a pundit from our country(trinidad)....but it didnt last more then 4 month...it turned out he was wicked....another pundit back home said that he married my mom so he could destroy our lives..........my mom bought a house in 2000........i dont have a relationship at all with my sister we havent spoken for almost 3 yrs now....cause of my cousin
  25. so then what are my options.....this is what i want to do......i want to sell cars for a living........i want to be independent.......im sick of working for people
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