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  1. I do not know anything about judaism. But what you said is completely wrong. Islam is the first and the true religion that came on earth. Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger and Quran is the last book. Allah says in Quran that we have sent messengers for every nation. And every messenger from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them all)taught the same message that God is one and we should worship only one God and do not worship idols. So the basic message is the same.
  2. I do not know anything about judaism. But what you said is completely wrong. Islam is the first and the true religion that came on earth. Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger and Quran is the last book. Allah says in Quran that we have sent messengers for every nation. And those messenger only taught Islam.
  3. Thank you sunds for the concise clarification. So you beleive that God is one but in many forms. Are all the forms that you beleive idols?
  4. I am asking a question now that I should ask at the beginning which relates to hinduism. I know Hindus beleive in one God but then what role do the idols play in hinduism?
  5. Hazrat Adam pbuh was the first human being and was first messenger of Allah and he teached Islam. No one can destroy kaaba nor can destroy quran nor islam.
  6. Dear brother daas ka daas, we close our eyes to remember Allah, to think of Allah and we concentrate on the concepts given in Quran of Allah and etc. There are many veeses in Quran describing and praising Allah but the most concise and best is in chapter which says: "Say He is Allah, one and only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, Nor is He begotten; And there is none Like unto Him.
  7. The meaning of sambhuti in verse 9 and 11 are different, if you ead honestly the verse 9, it says that to whome the sambhuti is intent (means they worship sambhuti) they are in deeper darkness. If you say that sambhuti in both the verses is same then tell me the meanings of sambhuti. I have read the verse 5 and i think it is not related to verse 9, it generally says that God is everywhere. Further in 9th verse, it prohibits you to worship asambhuti and sambhuti.
  8. When you become a muslim with Allah's grace, you will know that the direction is for the unity. First of all Islam is not a younger religion. It is old than hinduism and any othe religion. It is there since the man came on earth.
  9. Sambhuti may mean manifest in the 11th or 10th verse, but in the 9th verse it surely means created things. There is no word in English like "unmanifest" . Asambhuti in 9th verse means natural things like air, water, etc.
  10. Do u find any difference in it? I am not spamming. I didnt opene any thread in the forum other than this and I am not criticizing hinduism and I am quoting correct verses of hindu scriptures.
  11. I told this before that If u think i am wrong regarding ur scriptures then correct me. I am here for a discussion and understanding not to criticize and fight. You are right that I know nothing of Hinduism and you know way better than me, thats why i am telling u to correct me if i am wrong. If u think i am quoting out of context then u give the context to me.
  12. The meaning of Sambhuti in verse 9 means created things like chair, table, idos etc...
  13. do u mean that you make idols with wood, so wood is natural. Is that what u mean?
  14. Sister, If I use my own words you will not believe me, so i quoted your scriptures that u considered to be word of God, whats wrong in doing that? I am not deceitful in my purpose, I am completely honest.
  15. I searched the web for you, go here and see the 9th verse.
  16. Brother thiest, it is illogical to compare the sound form with idol form. You say that we can hear sound, cannot see it: we can see idol and cannot hear it. So, you saying that we cannot hear idol is illogical as idol can not speak nor it can help you. As regard sound form, we make the sound ourselves, from our own mouth, we do not create instruments or play instruments for the sounds. So the difference is that our sound in natural i.e. given by God but idol is not natural. So we call Allah's name with the sound which Allah gave us. But that is not the case with the idol.
  17. Brother but your sacred vedas prohobit the idol worship. "They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti." Yajurveda 40:9
  18. Your question can be changed in an answer: "Lending Money without charging Interest" is the rule itself whether you are giving loan to anybody, do not charge interest. You asked about rules, then brothe rules are simple that if u r lending money then do not charge interest and take back only principle amount irrespective of when the loan is paid back in 5 years or 10 yeas or 100 years. And Allah says in Quran that give enought time to the debtor to pay off his loan and it is even better for you to discharge his loan if he is not able to pay. I hope it answers. But you an ask further if you want.
  19. Just because gabrail gave it to ibrahim proves that black stone is the representation of Allah? No. It was just a foundation, the first step in the formation and at the time of prophet muhammad when it was rebuilt, it was the last step, the stone was put lat ast by muhammad pbuh and other people together.
  20. I gave the answer above. Quran is the final word of God. We respect Quran is it the Book of Signs, the verses in quran are signs. We respect it because it is a book of Allah and it contains the name of Allah and His mesenger and it contains the name of many messengers. Didnt u respect ur scriptures? will u take the Veda in an unclean place? No. Respecting the word of God does not mean that it is the representation of God. I may ask you Is Veda not a representation of God? Meaning do you not consider God's words (Veda) to be representitive of God? There is no verse in quran or any sahih hadith (saying) of prophet muhammad that Allah is omni present. But Allah's knowledge is everywhere, it is spread everywhere, He knows everything and He has power over all things.
  21. Brother Thiest, I understood ur question completely. Why are you trying to compare the sound form with the idols? There is no such comparison. We have ears to listen, if we do not have ears then how there will be effective communication? And further, sound is an invisible form. It can not be seen but idols ae physical.
  22. I didn't understand ur question brother. May be u r translating it wrong.
  23. Allah says in Quran that if u kill any human being (whether muslim or non-muslim) unless for murder or creating mischief on the land then u have killed whole of humanity. And If u save any human being (whether muslim or non-muslim) then u have saved whole of humanity. So brother, killing any innocent human being is a big sin in Islam. Such a god in my book is a sadist, who makes us imperfect and take delight in seeing us suffer. Brother we may get problems in our life because of ur deeds but Quran says that this life is the test for the hereafter and we all are undergoing a test. Allah examines different people with different things, e.g. Allah gives some one wealth then He sees that whether the prson surf it in the way of Allah or not. Some one is poor, not because his deeds in this world (as I said it may be) but if his deeds are good and he is in problem that this is that test for him. Quran also says that we will surely test all of you with hunger, fear of death. I quoted your scriptures, I think I am right and if u think I am wrong then correct me, it is ur duty to correct me as a hindu.
  24. Thats what I said, that why you make idols to worship God?
  25. Brother understand something very clearly and I said it before that: Kaaba includes the black stone. They are not different. back stone is a part of kaaba. the black stone DOES NOT REPRESENT GOD AT ALL.
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