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  1. Are the Atmakaraka the same in both rasi and navamsha charts? Kamakhya
  2. Hi: Could somebody please analyze this chart, belonging to my beautiful, best friend, Tara, and see of a second marriage is indicated, and to what type of person, Indian, or a foreigner, in which profession? DOB: 22 July 1956 Place: Cuttack, Orissa Time: 14: 42 PM She is in India now. Will she move back abroad? Thank you all, very much. Hari Bol! Kamakhya
  3. Dear Ankita: This human incarnation is a rare gift -- don't squander it. I haven't looked at your horoscope, but since Mars is your atmakaraka, please pray to Hanumanji with all your faith. He never fails any devotee. Even if Mars is not a person's atmakaraka, surrender to Hanumanji results in a return of faith: in the almighty, in one's self, and the power of beauty, love and hope in this incarnation. I would advise you to bathe and read the Hanuman Chalisa three times daily. It takes very little time. Watch the miracle unfold. It will, very soon. May God bless you. JAI MA DURGA! Kamakhya
  4. I've read your plea for help now. I hope everything is okay with you? Please, when you're in any kind of completely hopeless situation, recite the Hanuman Chalisa 3 times after you bathe. It takes only 15 minutes or less. I hope this helps you in the future. Never lose hope, ever.
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