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  1. My experince with Naadi was also not very satisfying. but they told the past very very accurately( like Father's-Mother's , Sister's name,important events in my life etc.)But the future is totally bullshit. I landed up spending over Rs.50000 in Remedies,poojas etc. I am depressed because I took all important decisions of my life based on Naadi.



    Sai ram,

    You are right, I have to win him with love. I understand, but I have to learn to be quiet. Maun vrat. I am successful to some extent.My ego has to go.

    I have one daughter, age 8, but from previous marriage.

    I am trying for another one with my husband, had series of miscariages.That also is his frustration.He was married before, his ex-wife ran away with the child. He has no contact.They even violated court order.His wife will not show the son, keeps changing contact, and does not inform the court. He misses his son.


    He has been through a lot. I love him.


    Do you think I will advance in spiritual path? I am lazy. I have to get up early and start chanting.


    Thank you for your response,



    You are asking question and giving answers too. You know the answers. Now work on them.

  3. I found this interesting and thought I will post it here.....




    I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to

    make me strong


    I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve


    I asked for prosperity and God gave me brain and brawn

    to work


    I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to



    I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to



    I asked for favours and God me opportunities


    I received nothing I wanted


    I received everything I needed


    Take life sportively and as it comes.

  4. I came across this interesting article about exaltaion and debilitaion of planets.....


    Exaltation means being in high position, exhileration and strength. Debility means weakness, and humility .

    The zodiac is the planetary cabinet. The first house or sign should be occupied by protocol by the King as the Ist citizen. Sun is the king of planetary cabinet. Hence he should be exalted on his thrown in the Ist sign Aries. A king enjoys power and position only when attended by the commander in chief Mars and the servant Saturn. Aries is the sign owned by Mars, the commander in chief of the planetary cabinet and Saturn the servant is debilitated (humbled) in Aries due to the authority of the King and the commander in chief. The King is attended on either side (Pisces and Taurus by Venus the courtesan and the Queen Moon).

    The place next to the King shall go only to the Queen. Hence Moon is exalted in Taurus. Sun owns Leo and Moon owns Cancer and get exalted in Aries and Taurus respectively. Next to Queen no one can sit. Hence Gemini has neither exaltation or debilitation of any planet in it. Cancer is owned by the Queen (Queen's place) Moon. Jupiter is the preceptor and further has a respectable place in the Queen's palace when he visits Cancer. Hence Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Mythologically Moon (as male disciple of Jupiter) has an episode with Tara, the wife of Jupiter, which culminated in the birth of a child Budha. Mars the commander in chief visits the Queen's palace to carry out the commands or run errands of the Queen. Hence he is debilitated in Cancer. In the King's palace of Leo no planet can be exalted. Hence free from exaltation or debilitation. Virgo is owned by Mercury. Mercury is the finance minister in the planetary cabinet hence exalted in Virgo. Venus the courtesan is debilitated in the house of the finance minister, personally visiting for financial aid. Libra is owned by courtesan (damsel). When the king visits the court damsel, naturally he is accompanied by the servant Saturn. In the house of a damsel the king looses his authority. Hence is debilitated in Libra. The servant Saturn is the master of the situation (arranging meeting of Damsel Venus and King Sun) and is exalted. Scorpio is owned by Mars. When Moon the Queen visits the quarters of subordinate commander in chief, she is humbled. Hence is debilitated in Scorpio. In the mansion of the Guru Jupiter no planet is exalted or debilitated. Capricorn is the quarters of the servant and soldier Saturn. Mars visits the barracks of soldier. He the commander in chief visits with authority. Hence is exalted. Jupiter the preceptor and prime minister by visiting the quarters of a servant looses his dignity and status.

    Hence Jupiter is debilitated in the house of Saturn - Capricorn Aquarius also is owned by Saturn. There is no debility or exaltation of planets in it. Pisces is owned by Jupiter. Venus, the damsel, being in the house of respected Jupiter in the proximity of the king In Pisces naturally has power hence is exalted. Finance Minister, and in the proximity of the king is subdued of his authority and hence is debilitated in Pisces.

    This is one line of explanation of exaltation and debilitation of planets on the basis of planet politics.

  5. My experience with Naadi is that they seem to predict the past

    accurately, but the future predictions doea not seem to materialize.

    I saw my Naadi in Trichi at Siva Naadi-Tharani Balan. They said the

    past accurately but the future does not seem true. Nothing that they

    said seems to be happening. I foolishly took all important decisions

    of my life(like marriage etc.) based on naadi. Now I am regreting it.

    Because none of the predictions is true. They have predicted a very

    prosperous future for me but now I am in very bad shape.I saw the

    first,seventh,<wbr>tenth and also the past birth and remedies(pariyaram)

    chapters. I have also completed all the remedies.

    What are your experiences.


    Also I want to know if I have Neechabangha Rajyoga.


    Astrological Details


    Name: Sunder Rangarajan

    Date of Birth: 06/September/<wbr>1968, Friday

    Time of Birth: 3.40 A.M

    Place of Birth: Chennai,India.

    Latitude: 13.5 N , Longitude: 80.18 E

    Local Mean Time: 03:31:12

    Lagna: Cancer

    Lagna Lord: Moon

    Sun Sign: Virgo

    Sun Sign Lord: Mercury

    Moon Sign: Aquarius

    Moon Sign Lord: Saturn

    Nakshatra: Satabisha

    Nakshatra Lord: Rahu

    Current Dasa: Saturn


    In my horoscope 3 planets are debilitated.

    Saturn is Debilitated and retrogate in Aries. Saturn is also Vargottama.

    Venus is debilitated with exalted mercury and Ketu.

    Mars is debilitated in lagna in cancer.

    Sun in Leo(Moolatrikona)<wbr>with Jupiter which is combust.


    From April, I have Saturn Dasa and Venus Bhukti.


    Does a Neecha,Vakra and Vargottamma planet give a Uchha planet effect?

    If the lord of the house being in quadrent from lagna is itself neecha?

    I am very worried. I need some definite answers.


    For all the charts please go to:



    - Sunder Rangarajan

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