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  1. Namaste, what exactly is your question. "Is there an Ayurvedic recommendation that will allow me to eat my Belgian chocolate without the skin patches?" Chocolate triggers skin issues in many people, overall you are better off just avoiding the chocolate of course, however the fact you get such an acute reaction means you have a definite doshic imbalance. For the experts here, please describe the skin patches in color, complexion, attributes (itchy or not) etc. Also please give a description of your tongue, if there is any coating or if it appears clear. Arjun
  2. Sai Ram, as a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba I am very happy to see the wonderful discussions going on and learn about the greatness of Shree Krishna. I am confused however by the inclusion of ahamkar in this discussion? I think Krishna is rolling around in laughter as we attempt to convince others that our knowledge of him is more than imperfect. God only takes form to give us the pleasure of admiring his form, and we all have different preferences and affinities. As a Shirdi Sai devotee I am forever in debt to Krishna as it was he whose temple was built which is now Shirdi Sai's Samadhi Mandir. Without such great devotion to Krishna and his endless merit the Mandir would not be. For me personally, Shirdi Sai and Krishna are the same. We are all one with the Brahma, though our ego and ignorance prevents this perception. The great veil of Maya often tricks us into thinking of ourselves as separate from God and that is always the path of ignorance and leads us into ruin. To even bear discussion of which incarnation of God is better is indeed an exercise in futility as they are all One. I respect the original posters question, but such a question must be sought on your own, as I don't think any of us could answer as to the greatness of Krishna and do him proper justice. Om Sai Ram, Arjun
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