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  1. Thanks a lot for the exact location of where I can find the murthy. I will try to take a trip to Chennai if possible. Thanks again --Hari bol
  2. Hello all, I will be traveling to India next month and was hoping I would make a trip to Mayapur. Hopefully I will finally be able to get an Ugra Nrsimha murthy from there. Now my question is, if anyone has been to Mayapur and they can tell me, if an Ugra Nrsimha murthy will be readily available or do I have to custom made it? I plan to stay around 4-5 days in Mayapur, so don’t really have time for custom made murthy’s. I have seen Maa Durga and Kali murthys in Calcutta a few years back and was hoping I could get hold of something like that of Ugra Nrsimha. Thanks for any tips available. Hari bol.
  3. Dear devotees, This may come as awkwardly to you as it’s for me. They say materials don’t buy happiness and though its true but right now I am in a situation where I wish to have been more of a materialistic person. I don’t want your money but I am in dire need of someone’s help, someone who lives in USA specifically. I have been married for 4 years now and have been living away from my wife because of financial reason, anyways we are at the last stages of our immigrant visa and I need a joint sponsor to help me complete this task. A joint sponsor will basically work as god parent on papers, I don’t need your money and I will be the main sponsor, just that I need to show past 3 years of tax returns but I only have 2007’s tax return paper. I have got only 5 weeks to left before I can submit these papers and I am trying every other resource I can to get some help, so if you think you can help please let me know, my email address is joethomashall (at) gmail.com . Hari Bol
  4. Thank you for answering, I am living in a limbo right now, this whole immigration process is taking a toll on me. I do realize, I just have to be patient and wait for the time to come and see how things go then. Please do take care.
  5. no answer, please would really appreciate if someone can give me any insight over things, let it be good or bad but at least something
  6. TIME OF BIRTH--10:10pm DATE OF BIRTH--19th December 1980 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY.--Fresno, California, USA SEX--Male Wife's data Time of birth- 3:25pm (india) date of birth-11th June 1982 Place of birth--Port Blair, Andman Islands, India. Hello I am in some dire need of help, I got married on 8th of Sept. 2004, in India but as soon as I came back to US I lost my job and subsquently I have been jobless and homeless right after my marriage, all of 2005 to mid of 2007, my wife is Indian, we are an inter-racial couple. Haven't met her since late of 2004 because of financial problem, I do have a job right now (since Aug 2007) and also have applied for her visa(on February 29th 2008, takes around 9 to 10 months for approval), wants to know will she get the visa or not and when will I have a settled life with her. I can't go to her right away because my job won't let me. I am also willing to move to India if that has to happen, just want to know what the future holds for us and how soon me and my wife will start living together. Thanks for any help Hari Bol -Joe
  7. here is my favorate youtube video ever. this woman has the most range on her voice that ive ever seen.
  8. this sock puppet one had me roleing on the ground.
  9. sounds like you are trying to win hearts and minds.
  10. but didnt god create this material world out of himself? and if so,every atom would be a part of god? god is with out form, but it is hard to focus on god as void. the murti is there to keep the devotee mindful of god. the devotee knows this is only a symbol of him, not everyone is at the same level of spiritual progress. for some advanced people, simply chanting Om is enough. but for those less advanced, the lord does allow himself to worshiped as haveing form,because that is a great help to those aspireing to reach him. it is his kindness to us,as he knows our limitations. so what is the problem with worshiping him in stone or wood. this is my understanding.
  11. this arghya, im unable to find what it is,even my wife doesnt know.
  12. you have been a great help. do appreciate your going out of your way like this to assist me. thanks you very much. Joe
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