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  1. If you are looking for a new temple to attend, then we would like to invite you to attend the kali-Kattiyayani Temple in Richmond Virginia.We are a small but growing temple where the focus is on prayer and getting help with your problems.There is no Drama at this temple. We have people of all races attending this temple so everyone is welcome.All that we ask is to please refrain from alcohol and eating meat from Thursday to Sunday and come with a clean mind and open heart. If you are interested in attending please contact me for directions at kali_devi@live.com OR mviran@aol.com Jai Kali Ma
  2. wow very inspiring words. Thanks a million...understanding the words, helps bring meaning to the chalisa.It's great when you can understand what you say or sing when praying.It brings much more heart felt feelings. Thanks again..If you can translate the hanuman chalisa in english that would be wonderful.
  3. Thank you I appreciate it.
  4. You were both very informative in what you wrote. I learned something from both of you and that is, that there is no perfect way to pray to mother as long as you pray with love and devotion. Thanks again
  5. Well anyways thank you I really appreciated all the information. I really did not mean to rekindle an old flame between you and pujerio five o. Sorry
  6. Can someone please post the kali ma, hanuman chalisa ?
  7. Hi i'm always willing to learn about lord shiva
  8. You are absolutely 100 % right in what you said. People do exactly like you said they do, and then preach differently.However I cannot speak about anyone else but myself.I am vegetarian by choice therefore I do not like sacrificial worship ..that does not mean that because you do worship that way, that I would think less of you. Kali Ma blesses each person by what is in their mind and heart not by what goes in their stomach. I do not nor have I ever discriminated against anyone ,regardless of race ,religion or sex. I respect everyone's way of life.Each person makes a decision on how they want to live their lives.Be it bad or good that's between them and their god.I will email you and tell you why I asked the questions I did. Jai Kali Ma
  9. Hey pujarie I will be visiting Trinidad this year and would like to visit your temple..What temple do you go to? I hope your temple does not do animal sacrifice.. My mother does not believe alot of people's comments but you seem to have won her over with your knowledge.I would like to discuss something with you but I cannot post it on this site as it is personal. Thanks again
  10. Wow thanks alot...I'm glad i'm not at the end of that lash. loooool.
  11. Thank you gHari that was amazing and educational.
  12. When the holy scriptures were written it said that kalki would come. This is what is meant to happen and it will. God is the strongest force there is ..Do you know of some other force that can stop God? A person will be sent in the kali yuga era who's sole purpose for being here might be just to give birth to kalki. Did you ever think of that? There is a saying "where there is a will there is a way. Believe me there is a way because this is the Almighty God we are talking about. Jai Kali Ma
  13. Thank you Bhairo, I have never done any kind of pooja like you described.I have just went to all the gods and sprayed perfume,offer flowers, pray and then do artie. I love this website there is so much knowledge here.Can you tell me about the south indian gods, who they are and what there purpose is ? Thanks Amma's Child
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