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    Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

    There are some things that one should not eat to keep yourself fit 1-Sugar 2-sweets 3-junk foods 4-red meat 5-cool drinks
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    Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

    Losing weight and with weight loss, we of course mean fat loss; is not an easy thing to do. Especially the stubborn areas (muffin tops, belly area) are the hardest. The best way and also scientifically proven way of losing fat, is through a combination of diet (clean eating on regular timings) and exercise (at least once in 3 days). You have to find out for yourself, which exercise suits you best. Just sign yourself up for a few tryouts or enroll in a gym. A few tips: - Read "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight." By Rujuta Diweka. - Start eating consciously, try not to overeat. - Add weights to your fitness regime (the more muscles you have, the more fat your burn). - Try yoga: yoga gives you overall health benefits and helps you keeping a calm state of mind. - Eat at regular times. You have to keep in mind that there will be some bad days, but don't lose faith. Continue living healthy and you will get the body you dreamt of. Hope this helps. R
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    PRIYA BHAGAVAT BANDHUVULLARA!, Recently I have visited Tiruvannamalai, Rameswaram and Kanayakumari on pilgrimage. I feel,the following information will help our members visiting these places on pilgrimage. ACCOMMODATION AT TIRUVANNAMALAI: You can stay comfortably at Sri Ramana Ashram by sending mail in advance to the President of the Ashram. The mail address is ashram visit http://www.sriramanamaharshi.org for more information. You have to take a print out of the reply giving you the accommodation by the authorities. The accommodation is free of cost. ACCOMMODATION AT RAMESWARAM: The Karivena Brahmin Choultry is near to the Sri Ramanatha Swamy Temple and the sea shore. Just ask the Autos to carry you to Telugu Satram, before the Gujarathi Bhavan. It is at distance of Rs.40/- from Railway Station. You can book your accommodation in advance by contacting Sri Pratapagiri Padbhanabha Sarma at 04573-222156 They have a reasonably good accommodation at a moderate cost. They have one double bed room AC accommodation which is Rs.250/- per day (Very cheap compared to the private accommodation), apart from 6 big rooms and halls which can accommodate groups of pilgrims. They can also cook food inside the coultry. The food is served free of cost, when booked for. You can also contact Shri MDY Yajna Ram Murthy, who is the trustee of the Karivena Choultry and resides in Kurnool. He is a Lawyer by profession and can be contacted at 08518-241175 and controls the administration of Karivena Coultry at Rameswaram. ACCOMMODATION AT KANYAKUMARI: The Vivekananda Kendram provides excellent accommodation at a cheaper rates at Kanyakumari. It is distance of Rs.20/- on Auto from Kanyakumari Station.

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