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    Das Mahavidya CHINNAMASTA ( help )

    Hey I'm no priest nor a man that knows a whole lot but I do worship goddesses and so I'll give you my personal opinion on the subject matter. In short the answer is yes. From my knowledge ( I could be wrong), Chinnamasta is part of the das mahavidya's the ten tantric goddesses of india. Based on this, the point of worshipping any mahavidya is to worship raw power so ideas about people saying she's dangerous, scary bla bla bla could be taken as reality because logically speaking raw power is untamed and uncontrolled and what's the point of worshippping a tamed goddess? these goddesses including chinnamasta don't fit this picture or ideology. So take that at face value. One thing I am certain of is that anyone who worships any mahavidya seems to find immediate effects (I guess their sometimes considered negative as the outcomes may not be what they were expecting and perhaps may be undesirable). Now to answer you question, the best answer is yes and you should experiment with the idea. Actually worship her and see what happens. By definition, a worshipper should have a pure heart and be honest and true to his worship in regards to his deity (This is universal point). In this case worship her and see what happens, if you think its bad then stop otherwise continue with the worship. I mean come on its not like your going to die by worshipping her or something, so be brave and give it an honest try. Now the mantra that is required, sorry I don't know I personally worship goddess kali and durga and though I am fascinated by the mahavidya's and there highly attracted to me and come in the most exotic of forms, I don't know sanskrit or hindi to be able to read those mantras so I can't give you help there. The most I can do is encourage you to give it a shot.

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