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Pancha Bhutas (Five Elements)

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A superficial introduction to the five elements:


Earth is the lowest element. Shape is square, color

yellow, sense is smell, function is elimination

(anus), deity is Ganesha, chakra is muladhara, bija is



Water is the second element. Shape is crescent, color

silver, sense is taste, function is reproduction (sex

organ), deity is Vishnu, chakra is svadishtana, bija

is "Vam."


Fire is the third element. Shape is triangle, color

red, sense is vision, function is transportation

(feet), deity is Surya, chakra is manipura, bija is



Air is the fourth element. Shape is round, color blue

or black, sense is touch, function is manipulation

(hands), deity is Shiva, chakra is anahita, bija is



Akasha (Space) is the highest element. Shape is like

a flame, color purple, sense is hearing, function is

communication (throat), deity is Devi, chakra is

vishuddha, bija is "Ham."


-- Len/ Kalipadma



"chandan lohia" <chandanlohia wrote:


Sarva mangal maangalye, shive sarvartha sadhike,

saranye trayamabke


devi narayani namostute.



I have a question if someone could guide me.

I want to understand the exact nature and

charecterstics of the five

elements, their shapes, colours, attributes,

charecterstics, etc, as

explained in the shastras. Could some one please



with lots of love and warm regards

Chandan Lohia





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