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Eternal Law

Bell's Theorem , Quantam Physics and Hinduism

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Problem with Western Science is in the way on how they started something out.


About 500 years ago, Europe still Dark Ages, thanks to Jesus Christ and Christianity. The Black Plaque managed to wipe out nearly 40% of Europeans and it took Europe almost forever to come out of its shell and recover.


At that time, Europe was in war with Muslims in the Crusades but some of the knowledge Muslims stole from India managed to be stolen in return by Christians who revolutionized Europe (like Maths, Astronomy etc).


However, Science in Europe started in the wrong foot. They pushed away Religion off Science and looked at Science in a blank, spiritual-less and blind-logical ways. And Europeans, growing up in this empty mind, begins to view other cultures as lower than them.


They came to believe that they are advanced in Science while dark-skinned Africans in Africa or Hindus in India are lower and less Scientific-minded than they were. The concept that Hindus could be smarter than Europeans AT LEAST by 1,000 years NEVER crossed their mind.

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How come no one's talking about Bell's Theorem? :(


Thanks to Eternal Law for posting it. It seems science is finally catching up. I believe Bishadi has a similar view about life that he is trying to get published...


Also, in the Gita, Krishna says that Vaishya's, Shudras, and even women are of inferior birth, but it is only symbolic, not literal. In the same way, Jesus' teachings may have become misinterpreted from their original meaning. Jesus never said that those who did not believe in him go to Hell, other Apostles said that.

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