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brahma muhurta

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Brahma muhurta is very very good time for spiritual activities. If one wakes up early in the morning and performs arati and chanting of the Holy Name he will rise into mode of goodness. In this way devotee can subdue the rajas and tamas qualities. Brahma muhurta is hour and a half before sunrise. Srila Prabhupada said that if one cannot wake up early he is not serious about spiritual life. Sometimes he said that if somebody misses the mangala-arati (the first seremony at 4.30 am.) he must sell one Krishna book :)


brahma muhurta is between 4.30-6.00. So everyone should try to wake up and chant at that time. This is essential for spiritual progress. Just try it and you will notice the difference!

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I have been told that when devotees are not awake during this seemingly auspicious time-span , they will be punished by Shiva and his followers ( bhutas , pretas and pishachas ) .

Just at this time , they are wandering around and are watching for the devotees , if they are attentively attending all the necessary limbs of their prescribed sadhana .

If they find them to be sleeping ( that means in deepest tamo-guna ...) , they will be punished in forms of horrible nightmares ...

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i think thats a little extreme. i live outside the temple and work outside and late. so getting up isnt possible. i am also a pujari who does regular service. mostly evening dressing. is shiva going to punish me? i think not.


time and circumstance babe. time and circumstance. we must do the needful.


hare krsna

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