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Q ABOUT Purity

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That was not a serious reply to a serious question. If you want people to take your questions seriously then you should do likewise.


Some people consider free from reactive karma to be the ultimate definition of pure. Others consider an action done under the influence of love of God to be pure.


Think about it and the answer may appear from within.



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Nam Bhajan


(A Translation from 6/4 chapter of






Paramahamsa Swami 108 Sree




Paribrajakacharya Tridandi Swami Sree Sreemad


the beloved disciple of His Divine Grace

Om Vishnupada 108 Shri



Vyasa and Narada

A sincere faith in pure devotion is the root cause of this non-laboured restraint on the senses together with the mind, and confine the soul in a deep contemplation on Godhead. When the happy moment came, Dwaipayan Rishi became doubtful about the rules and methods of Karma-kanda and vain Jnan-kanda and in reply to the question of his spiritual preceptor, Shri Narada Goswami, he said, "O Lord ! no doubt I have realised all truths, advised by Thee, still my soul, I know not why it finds no contentment! O Thou Son of Brahma, be kind to tell me the unimaginable and indescribable secret that lurks behind it. I beg this of Thee being greatly troubled at heart."


Then Narada Goswami replied, "O Vyas ! you have not striven to give a vivid picture of the pure Spiritual Pastimes of Bhagavan, as you have given a full description in other Puranas, Vedanta-Sutras and Mahabharata of the four main objects of human pursuit, viz., virtue, wealth, enjoyment and salvation. Thus you enjoy no contentment due to this your short-coming. Thus you have committed a great and heavy omission by giving too high an eulogy of castes and stages to be the soul's religion of Jivas . If any one, leaving aside such a conventional religion of the self, engages himself in the service of Hari, and if he slips before reaching the goal, can it for this reason be a calamity to him? If, on the contrary he strictly sticks to that conventional religion being utterly unmindful of HARI-BHAJAN, what better exalted goal does it afford ?" It is clear from the above that no second help is there but Hari-Bhajan. Jiva can attain his highest goal if he embraces NAM as a means to serve Hari.



Bhakti the very nature of soul

Vyasadeva then following up this Bhakti yoga absorbed himself in an easy meditation of Godhead. "Easy" is used here to show that devotion to Krishna is most innate in Jivatma. As it is an inherent and eternal religion of Jivas, it is called the 'easy' universal religion of every Jiva. Its workings develop in the following manner:-


The remembrance of Krishna

When Jivas come to realise that the path of Karma does not give them eternal good, whether it be the eighteen inferior Karma-Yajna or the eight subtle processes of Yoga neither can ever lead them to the highest goal-the servitude to Krishna which is their souls' religion, or again when they are fully convinced that there is not the least chance to attain perpetual felicity by mundane wisdom or limited knowledge that aims at the Spiritual Kingdom-both gained by endeavour of the subtle frame of mind, ego, etc. -finding no shore to catch, they thus, by the grace of Sadhus and Guru or Spiritual Preceptor, cry out to Krishna from the deepest recesses of their heart, "O Thou Krishna ! O Ye Restorer of the fallen ! Thine eternal servant though I am, I am cast into the deep abyss of the world and am badly dashed from shore to shore by its frowning waves of troubles and tribulations. Take me up, O my Lord ! to the shade of the cool dust of Thy Lotus Feet! O, have mercy on this wretched self!!" Then the All-merciful Lord lovingly taketh all Jivas up to His Feet.


You can read this book on-line as well. I am unsure what to paste and what not to!

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