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I want to know is there any thing such as Destiny? If yes, is it predefined for every human being?

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***i wrote this one long ago, needs some more extended modification...

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To understand this concept we need to understand how a life completes its journey, lets try to understand this concept by an example, here lets take a car, a car has a make, (Benz ford..) and then it needs fuel, a driver, and to fulfil its creation it needs a journey, isn't it.


so now with out any of these parts there is no meaning to any thing. lets try to correlate our life with these parts, here the car is the body, the make is the classification of any thing, caste creed sex colour ,religion...etc and then the brand will tell the class, and then the fuel can be correlated to life span or longevity, and then the driver who is our soul, and the journey is our goal, or soul purpose.


so here as per our Vedic astrology we can confirm that the car , the make, the fuel is been fixed and can be predicted, with the help of our planets and stars, and then the driver who drives?


No that's not fixed, lets assume for a while its also fixed then, what Lord Krishna had said in bhagwath geetha, does anything make sense, what he said about different yoga's will that make any sense... no...absolutely not, if its all fixed then the very basic phenomena of the universe is wrong, loving someone is not fixed.


so we can not help with our car and the fuel we have is what we need to accept, because that is what we have made ourselves qualified for this life, or the situation we are now facing are all what we have chosen to be in, but how to be in that situation is what is rest of the completion of the story, the credits for the next life is judged by this actions, and hence our ancient or any holy script , do give lot of preference on our actions.


so destiny exists and as well as freewill exists, freewill can not but his destiny and nor destiny the freewill, means if a person has good fortune and if he is not going take advantage by doing more good, then he is failed, and the same way if a person out of bad fortune he doesn't choose to be on the norm of dharma or being good, then also he is failed, so doing good is always good, and the best.


and then see in the above we have discussed about good and bad fortunes, that's nothing but success and failure in a way, so what ever the results are something which is common is our being good, so being good we have won the battle, so in any situation we have think of how good can we be, or how best can we be. so now ask your self a question that, does the word problem exists and does the success exists, can they effect you, no but you can ask me that we feel bad when we losses, yes obvious but who feels bad is the sub personality in you under the name called EGO, if he is hurt he will show that he is happy, but if he looses he will show he is bad, but being good, he cant react to it, since its the matter or departments of heart. he feels always happy, he gives you more strength. that's why Christ had that much strength to undergo the barbaric acts of those people.


so its all in the mind. who taught it the language, who taught the mind that this is good or this is bad, reprogram it, re tame it. and then love it, teach the lesson of love, love heals, love guides, love feeds. and love is everything. so planets and stars can tell about only the fuel and the car, not our journey neither our outcomes. but what is my journey, how should i plan my journey it all depends on the individual persons.


all the best.

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