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--www.sathyaprema.com--K Gopalakrishnan

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Dear freinds,

He is The best astrologer and one of the best men ihave met, i would recommend to all my freinds in this community to take the advantages of the service given in his site, like i did. hopfully the quenchof the finding a genuine,traditional, and a top class quality astrologer could come to an end.

thank you




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<font color="red">www.sathayprema.com</font color>


“You will become master of six arts. You will become a famous astrologer at a very young age. You will write books on various subjects, which will make you famous across the globe. You will become a ‘Trikala Gnani’ after 45. You will become a teacher at a very young age, and you will be popular and well known after 30”, that was the prediction given to Astrologer K Gopalakrishnan at the age of 21.


He is one of the few astrologers who has predicted major events like the Iraq War, End of Taliban rule et al. Though he says, “I brushed it aside”, the predictions have mostly come true. His list of true mundane predictions is impressively long, and he attributes his success story to his personal deity.


Today, K Gopalakrishnan is one of South India’s most leading and famous astrologers, who comes on Jaya TV between 6.30 and 6.45 am every weekday for his much popular programs ‘Yoga Kalai’ and ‘Vazyum Kalai’, where he talks on varied subjects like astrology, vastu, medicine etc.

This is what India’s Number 1 Astrologer K N Rao has to say about our astrologer K Gopalakrishnan…. “You are, let me repeat, a gifted predictor. I want to see you blossom out as a world-class predictor and you have it in you is what I know. You are a gifted predictor is what I and some others here in Delhi know about you as you had made an excellent impression on our audience here in your last visit when I had arranged a workshop for you. Later you had also given brilliant predictions, which have come out correct”


K Gopalakrishnan is a prodigy in his field and has given dazzling predictions in varied fields right from sports, cinema, Indian economy to stock markets and elections. He believes that, many young people should come forward to take up astrology, take the science to the glorious days Varahamira.


Some of his all time sensational predictions in the year of 2002 and 2003 are:


* Doomsday Prediction on Tehelka.com

* Bush will wage war against Iraq.

* Vajpayee Govt. will survive.

* Death of famous industrialist.

* Drought in India.

* Pharma, banking will upgrade and also will do well.

* Automotive industry will do well from the second half of the year.

* Australian victory in world cup2003

* All segment wise stock market predictions

* Predicted the market values.

* Death of saddams son.

* End of Iraq war.

* Air ticket rates will decrease.

* SARS scare.

* BPO’s can expect 50 per cent growth for major players.

* Information technology will grow by leaps and bounds.



His Achievements in the past.


*Has been associated with Sify.com Astrology since 2000.

*Has innovated new methods in reading Tarot cards.

*Is well versed in Jamini, Parashara and Kerala style of astrology.

*Has taught tarot card reading to more than 250 students.

*Has innovated technique in mundane and medical tarot.

*Lectured and demonstrated Tarot Card reading in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.

*Features in Jaya TV’s ‘Yogakalai’ everyday between 6.30and 6.45 am.

*Has trained many into the science of Reiki and Pranic healing .

*Has featured on Yugi udan World Cup ’03 on Vijay TV.

*Has taken personality development and stress management classes for Corporates

*Runs a meditation centre in Chennai.

*Teaches Tarot reading, astrology and swara yogas.

*Is practising Ayurveda, and already has treated cases of leukoderma, stomach ulcers and kidney stones

*Lectured in Rotary and Lions clubs

*Had done weekly predictions on Citi Cable

*Interviewed by Asia News International for a feature on Tarot cards.

*Edited the astrology portion of Bharat mail, Chennai.net etc.

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