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Web Hosting advice wanted !

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I have been in this industry (online and IT) since 1994 and ive never seen a package like that, i deal with dozens of hosting companies everyday and know some owners of the biggest server farms


One thing that jumped out at me is this:


How do I know if 15000 MB is enough space for my website?

Quite simple - 15000 MB is plenty of space. We host thousands of websites and 99% of them use well under 15000 MB. The average website uses approximately 1500-3000 MB disk space.



what on earth are they talking about?

they say the average website usues 1500-3000MB disk space - no way that is true because most virtual hosting accounts only offer 750 MB-1000 of webspace- ..


I have one sever with 750 of webspace on it and i run 12 different sites on that server.


So simply from looking at their claims , it seems to me that they do not even know the server market.



Even if it were true - allow me to be the voice of expereince and say that you GET WHAT U PAY FOR

it might be cheap but whats their uptime like? even some of the so big name hosts get a lot of down time.


If I can make a couple of recommendations:


I currently use www.webgemshosting.net whom I have been with for 3 years now and i have NEVER had any down time in the whole period.

My other sever I use is with www.gotwebhost.com - they have great servers and the staff are a great assistance.



If you have any more questions abotu anything related to tech/web stuff feel free to contact me anytime


Your servant,

Radhika dd


my email is: webmaster@design108.com


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