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Madhva mantra

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Hari Sarvothama!!! Vayu Jeevothama is the Mantra of Madhwa Vaishnavas.


Meaning: Hari is Supreme. Hari is Sarvothama(Master). Hari is OMNIPOTENT. Hari is OMNI-Present. Hari is Present, Hari is the reason for the Past and Hari will be the reason for the future.


I am unable to translate the meaning of Vayu Jeevothama, although I know in Kannda. Will get it translated in English and reply to you.


Good Luck to you


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Well Madhvas have a great system in place actually, they have to chant gayathri mantra in sandhya , after the end of sandhya a madhva who is initiated in tantra will have to chant hamsa mantra , pranava mantra, narayana asthakshara and krishna mantra.Narayana Asthakshara has to be chanted 3* gayathri mantra.i.e., normally 3*108 = 324 times. After that they can chant their istha devatha mantra. Infact there is a paddhathi in which one who is initiated in narayana asthakshara and krishna mantra in madhva paddhathi can chant something around 79 moola mantras of various devathas without initiation which are given in tantrasara written by Sri Madhvacharya. Their view is that Narayana Asthakshara and Krishna mantras are the greatest mantras and every other mantra is inferior to that. I have seen many madhva pundits who have been very successful in attaining siddhi in that way. The another striking point from a technical point of view is that they have to chant hamsa,pranava,narayanaasthakshara and krishna mantra before any mantra, bcoz if u choose a kshudra devatha for material gains and chant for some days and then unable to chant that for some days, kshudra devatha will start doing harm. But if u follow madhva paddhathi , there will be no harm as the above four mantras are powerfull and no devatha can do any harm to Narayana's devotee.

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