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We all know that SriKrishna preached Arjuna in battle

field about the question on "How can i kill my own kins & relatives?"

saying "O Arjuna! it is not you who are going to kill them but i have destined them to die so all thise births and deaths are done by me as Iam the kalpurusha!"

According to KARMA PRINCIPLE of Hindu mythology "what we are today depends on our past karma our sorrows are due to our bad karma and our happiness due to our good deeds" Now when we are not responsible to our deeds as per

Krishna then how true is this KARMA philosophy?

Now when all the things happening are pre-determined by Lord and all those who die from various reasons like murder etc.,are

destined to die so then how can a person be held guity for his deeds?


Thanking you,



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