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`Controlling the Mind & Chanting` by BV Puri Maharaja

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Lecture on Nama [The Holy Name]

`Controlling the Mind & Chanting`



At Navadwipa-dhama

By Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja </center>



Lord Krishna as The Supreme Godhead of this Universe, not only one but innumerable institutions involves He is only Supreme God. Now, this is a place where you can sit- `kabe`- this is told by Bhaktivinoda Thakura.. Say’s – ‘bharo kripa –kore-gaura-bhora-mane godruma-diya`, He says about Godruma, Godruma is beyond that river Kada, you cross river you will see Godruma. Now, this Antardwipa here you have given me the place and said you sit here and do Namam. `Kintu prabhu doye kare amara citer akanta bhajan hari` [bengali verse] so I want to do Harinama but `citer stita` my mind should be controlled, my mind is now lingering, mind is moving hither and thither. Mind is not steady; it must come to a steady stage. When will you give the qualification of a devotee? And when can I control my mind and do with single-minded Devotion. When can I do that? You have to bless me. `Kabe hana kripa` then He says- now you have ordered me to sit here and do Nama, now we are doing Namam, but we require-the required quality to Worship and repeat Nama. When can I able to make my mind steady? Though I do Nama, you see it has become a fashion, that taking Harinama and straight walking. Just like military work, as if he is doing Harinama. This is not the way of doing; he says you have ordered me, to do Namam. I must..


When shall I sit with controlling my mind? How can I do it? And do Namam but mind I cannot control. So how to control it? Lord Krishna you should bless me. It is only a show that we show people `doing`. It is not so easy- so easy. So you must give me the required qualification. When can I sit very calm and do bhajan. You must give the quality. That qualification to me. What is that qualification? How to control my mind and do bhajan. I walk, dance and do bhajan. No, so many people have come so many people have gone. Though they were doing Namam, since so many 100 Years or 50 Years.. No-nothing will get. Now you must be very careful to see No aparadha `nama kare phalphale`.. Without any offences I must repeat Nama. And if I repeat Nama without any offence then only I can reap the results. If not I may doing day/night Nama NO! I am not serious. I have no attachment towards Namam. I only do Nama.. Of course it is a fashion to me, to do Namam. Because these people they no utter, never utter Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. So there are many problems and all these problems can be solved only if he sits and does Namam. Faultless and harmless and offenceless. Then the Namam will give him the results then he can understand: -


Sadhu-sraddha, sadhu-sanga, bhajana-kriya, anartha-nivriti [devotees laugh!] all my anarthas must be destroyed! What is that Anartha? You do not know who you are. You do not know to whom you are worshipping, and you do not know what is favourable to devotion, and you cannot understand what is unfavourable to devotion. These are the qualities, immediately necessary. And these qualities, we can have only through the blessings of the Lord.


Though He says that I am not God. I am eternal servant of Krishna. Pancha-tattva tattvamakam.. In 5 Forms He has revealed Himself. Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Nityananda, Adwaita, bhakta-svarupa – Nityananda, Adwaita Acharya – Bhakta-avatara, Bhakta-sakti – is Gadhadara-pandita, and Bhakta is Srivasa-pandita, in 5 Forms. The Lord has appeared in Navadwipa in 5 Forms. Now we must understand this, He is the master, now He is acting as a servant. He is Vishnu. Now He is serving the public as a servitor. As a servant and as a devotees, as a Vaishnava.


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