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Mantra for Madhva

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srI harivAyu stutiH


mAtarme.mAtarishvan.h pitaratulaguro bhrAtarishhTApta bandho |

svAmin savArntarAtman ajarajarayitaH janmamR^ityAmayAnAm.h |

govinde dehibhaktim bhavaticha bhagavannUrjitA.n nirnimittAm.h |

nirvyAjA.n nishchalAM sadguNagaNa bR^ihatIM shAshvatImAshudeva || 14||





Oh! Matarishwa, the wind-god (VAYUdeva), you are the nourishing mother

Protecting father, guiding teacher, a friend-philosopher-guide Remove the pangs of birth and death, O Lord

Grant me true devotion for Lord Krishna which is free from

Desire, lust and pride and which is ever increasing

Oh the omnipresent, the most revered of the revered.





Oh! Sri Madananda Thirtha, you are the only saviour from his Samsar. You stand loftiest and rank the highest in the hierarchy of Gods. Devotional Yogi's ardently seek thy good

graces for their uplift. Shastras proclaim thy constant presence with Sri Hari. Without your direct help, no soul can have a release from this cycle of births and deaths. O I humbly pray to you to lead me on :


(1) Like Mother with caressing care

(2) Like a father for my upbringing mentally and educationally

(3) Like a brother hugging me to your bosom with love

(4) Like a preceptor imparting knowledge and intutional faith

(5) And lastly as the nearest and dearest relative.


Oh! Vayu you are staying in the heart of all souls along with Sri Hari Bimba. You are inherently authorised to keep this soul free from birth, death or bodily ailments.


I fervently pray for the gift of that rarity, termed Satvika Bhakthi towards yourself. Pray grant me the power to grasp shastras, develop in me an ever-growing desire to know more and more about the supreme being and raise me higher and higher to reach my individual inherent

stature to deserve the graces and be my guide for all time to come.

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Yes there is a moola mantra for Madhvacharya and Sri Raghavendra swamy.Infact it is only in Madhva Sampradaya, I have found a moola mantra for Bheema Sena. There are secret moola mantra for many Gurus, but they are not in public bcoz these mantras will bestow siddhi quickly.

Infact , no one would teach the mantra of Madhvacharya publicly, it is said to give the highest gnana.Infact I cannot find a book in the market and even in the recent editions of tantrasara , they have erased the Madhva mantra.If u want that mantra u should go to Mantralayam or Raghavendra Swami Mutt of triplicane in chennai. But many believe that harivayu stuthi is the mantra for Madhvacharya. The real thing is there is nyasa for HariVayu Stuthi where moola mantra for hanuman,bheema,and madhva are used. I think I have given enough clues , those who really want it can get that with some checking of harivayu stuthi as I cannot publicly utter that mantra.

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