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Happy Birthday to Babhu Prabhu

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I think Srila Prabhupada wants all of his mature disciples who are experienced with the worldly affairs to go back to full time service in his mission.



I know he does. I have no doubt, at least in my case.



I know you do a lot for the mission anyway, but imagine what can be accomplished if many devotees like your good self took up full time service of spreading his movement. I think our society needs it very, very much.



Believe me, I think about it every day. I just haven't planned my life as well as others, at least with regard to money, and whatever plans I have made haven't always worked out the way I intended.


If you san still surf at 58 you definitely have what it takes!



Well, I don't get out very often any more. But I do love the ocean. I remember that, after living in California for a few years and not going into the ocean because of the temperature, one day my daughters talked me into going swimming with them. Fortunately, it was July and the water was warm. As I dove through the first wave, every molecule in my body rejoiced, and I heard a voice in my mind say, "Yeah--I am an addict!"
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Its so nice that you see subal. I scanned his website, and I was quite impressed, actually. I wish him very well. I would love to yak a bit with prahlad, because of my experiances with the law. I was a drydock lawyer, and I got great opportunity to explore that field, US Code and CFR, and case law that is used to make ones point, writing briefs, etc. I woulda had more fun if I wasnt both defendant and plaintiff, as well as the lawyer, too. How can one be a defendant and plaintiff at the same time, ya ask? Try filing charges against admirals in charge of trident missiles, and see how long it takes to put you on the defensive. Plus, prahlada and I had many talks in the day about lotsa stuff, and I sure wish him well, as well. Now, how bout today darby, the king of the alto sax. These were the folks who I met my first day in honolulu, along with radha govinda and sasishekara, who were all madly chasing nrsimha, the cat, who was in big trouble on McKinley Street.


hare krsna, yer surf ant, mahak

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I guess thats why they call that Island Big. Most dont know how big it is, but it does take fours to go from kona to hilo, no matter which route ya take. And kohala is a different spur altogether, another volcano and almost another island.


Now kauai, one gets rock fever there, because it is very small, but the Isle of Big seems like a continent sometimes.


hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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