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European Ksatriyas?!

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Bhagavad-gétä 2.32


London, September 2, 1973


So similarly, kñatriya. Kñatriya’s duty is, it is, kñätraà dvijatäà ca parasparärtham.(?) The brähmaëas will examine whether the kñatriyas are doing their duty nicely. Just like Paraçuräma, when he saw that all the kñatriyas have become rascals, he wanted to kill them all. You know that. Twenty-one times he killed. Some of the kñatriyas, they fled from India, and they came to this side in European countries. Therefore, origin of the Europeans, they are kñatriyas. Turkey, Greece, and other countries also. Kñatriya. So it is the duty of the brähmaëa to see that kñatriyas are doing nicely their duty. So similarly, kñatriyas’ duty is also to see whether brähmaëas are doing their duty. So kñatriyas were not needed to see the brähmaëas, they were so advanced brähmaëas that they were beyond examination of the kñatriyas. But another duty of the kñatriya is that people are being educated spiritually.



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That may be true, but doesn't one have to live up to the standards of the caste to deserve being called as such? That is why westerners are even considered for 2nd initiation and not written off immediately due to birth.

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