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FREE Mbs for Krishna Site

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Hare Krishna All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!




This can be used for NEW devotees or old. Please be as dynamic as possible. Hare Krishna. Ps. FTP Is much better to Upload than the servers usually.!




<font color="green"> Go Here= </font color>




<font color="green"> Sub-domain offer for

Krishna Devotees

This Offer is for Vaishnavas</font color>

[Devotees of Lord Sri Krishna, and followers of

Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda]



This is the Site-



When you apply you will get your own Name for example



Whatever page you make will look like this-




All you need is a FTP Programme.

Example- http://www.cuteftp.com




You would login like this-

<font color="blue"> Host Address </font color> - ftp.bhaktiyoga.name

<font color="blue"> User Name-</font color> your name@bhaktiyoga.name

<font color="blue"> Password- </font color> your password

<font color="blue"> Sub-Domain Name- </font color> Choose your Domain Name



When you login to your own ftp, you may Upload Files.

The Link to your file is as mentioned above.


Sub-domain means just that, is basically a Directory. Personal.


If you would like this, please e-mail me or the host on-







You can have allotted upto 30Mbs. Although depending on your site, we can maybe give a little more. Please backup all your files [you don't need to be told that!]


Please Note: I don't wish to put this info but please don't use this service for any other reason, esp. criticizing other devotees. If its found that you are, your will be informed first of all. Then your site will be deleted.


<font color="red"> The Gaura Team </font color>


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